I have recently been thinking that I need to up my skincare routine, for a long while I used to just use make-up wipes on my face and that was it. I know what your thinking – ew gross. I have recently been introduced to a few products by Clarins which have made me want to change my skincare routine… View Post

*When I hit 17, the first thing I would think about was driving. All I wanted to do was learn to drive, and drive quickly. Driving is quite a scary concept, especially when you haven’t started to drive yet. You have all the power and independence you ever wanted. It’s such a great feeling. Before I had my first driving… View Post

I have been wanting to re-decorate my room for such a long time, I had it all in my head exactly what I wanted. But I always thought, ohh I can’t be bothered, or was there even any point now I have started to save for my own place with my boyfriend? But then I thought, hang on no. My… View Post

I used to hate liquid eyeliner. I was always one of those people who just couldn’t hack liquid eyeliner, and I especially couldn’t hack the winged look. I so desperately wanted to learn how to do it but no matter how many YouTube videos I watched and tutorials I sat through, I just couldn’t get the hang of it. Until… View Post

When your friend is a member of a luxury spa and they have a ‘friend day’ where they can take a friend for free, and they ask you, how can you resist? Clarice House is a spa facility and is part of Bannatyne Group. There are three that I know of, in Bury St Edmunds, Colchester, and Ipswich. I had… View Post