I know what you’re thinking, why its she talking about Autumn already?I bet you’re all the same though and just don’t want to admit it – I can’t stop thinking about Autumn. Autumn fashion, cosy nights in – anything Autumn I just love. 

So I have recently been thinking about my Autumnal wardrobe and what pieces I think are really good Autumn essentials. The first piece I thought of was definitely a gingham dress. Gingham dresses are so good to style in the Autumn time, so I thought I would put together this little style post as some inspiration for your Autumn wardrobe.




Okay so first things first, the dress. This dress is from a website called SHEIN. I personally never heard of this website before, but it had some really amazing fashion items on there for a really goof price, so it id finitely worth checking out.

This dress is very pretty, it is a black and white gingham effect, I love that it isn’t too short on me either it’s a very good length. That may be because I am only 5ft 1 🙈
So this dress inches in a tiny bi under your bust, then flows down so is very flattering and comfortable. I have to say my favourite thing about the dress is the back of it. Round the back there are like 3 ties which you can do up in cute little bows – I love this as it just adds a little something extra to the dress. Also the sleeves I love, they are very in a the moment as they are what I call ‘bell sleeves’ and they are a really good length too.

Overall, the dress is super pretty and comfortable – I am very impressed with it as the material is cotton, its perfect for summer or winter too depending on how you’re styling it.


As you can see, I have style this for Autumn. So I have paired it with a pair of black tights and ankle boots, which you can’t go wrong with in the Autumn/Winter. and for the top half I have paired it with my classic black leather jacket, and if that isn’t enough, if it’s extra chilly I have also gone and paired it with a cute scarf and hat too. There are so many different options on how to style this dress as it’s ver monochrome and perfect for all weather.

You can go and grab this dress form SHEIN from here

What do you think your favourite Autumn piece will be?

Love always, G x

At the weekend, myself and Gemma attended the big YouTuber event – Summer in the City. I went last year and absolutely loved it, so decided to head back this year.

If you don’t know what Summer in the City is, it’s basically a big event with talks, stalls, rides and meet&greets with your fave YouTube stars. It’s held at the ExCel in London and is one of my favourite events ever.

It was of course a hard decision to decide what to wear on the day, as everyone is looking everyone to see if they can spot anyone they follow. I decided to go for a quite casual chic look for this years event.

For my top, I went quite plain, but it also had a little something on there. So this tee is from Primark, and is part of their Disney collection, who doesn’t love a bit of Disney?! I love that the Mickey Mouse is mirrored onto each side of the tee and is made out of sequins. It just gives it that little extra sparkle!

The skirt I have is from ASOS, I actually got it in the sale and I am so in love with it! It’s denim, but a light weight denim that pinches in at the waist with a paper bag effect (which I am totally loving at the moment) So it has a skater look to it with a little tie up bow. It’s a lot more comfortable than a straight A line stiff denim skirt. It would also look so cute in Autumn paired with tights and booties! I know I’m already thinking about Autumn…

Then for the shoes I have these little pumps from Superga – They are just like a black converse. They came with plain black laces but I decided I could jazz them up a little bit so I bought white ribbon laces off Amazon for about £3, and replaced the plain black ones with these. I think it just add’s a bit of cuteness and chic to the whole outfit.

I hope you like my outfit! Please let me know what you think.



Top – Primark
Skirt – ASOS (in the sale!)
Shoes – Office (Similar)
Bag – Primark

Love always, G x





I have been wanting to write a post like this one for a while now, and I want my blog to be more real, and really to my life and feelings.

I wasn’t sure sure weather to write this but I thought, I can’t be the only one to feel like this being in my twenties?

I am 23- so for most of my life I have been around people, at school you’re with a numerous amount of people, and then college, again you’re with a numerous amount of people. It all kind of started after college. A lot of my friends fled to Uni, site far away and only came home about 3/4 times a year, sometimes not even that. As you get older, things get more difficult…

I decided not to go to uni, and decided that nope, I wanted to earn the dollar and just get out into the working world-which is great! I love working, I love earning my own money and spending it on what I want, not feeling skint all the time. Well…most the time. 

But it is only after the last couple of years I have started to feel a bit more lonely.

So first things first, as my friends are away and doing their own thing, I don’t see them as often as I would like. You know what it’s like, everyone is busy and it’s hard to find time sometimes, which is completely normal. Suddenly everyone around you has their own life to worry about.

It’s natural right?

This also comes on to the reason why I started blogging, to keep me occupied and (hopefully) make some friends and meet new people. Blogging has definitely done this for me, I have met some really lovely people and have actually made a couple of really good pals. The only thing is, they live quite far away from me…Which is absolutely fine, I just see them every now and then but I know they are always there to chat to if I need them

Feeling lonely sometimes makes you think ‘Why am I not good enough?’ ‘Why don’t they want to be friends with me anymore?’ ‘What’s wrong with me?’ When in actual fact, it’s not you at all, it’s just time.

So there are a few little things that I am going to do to get me out of this lonely bubble.

1 – Stop being so darn hard on myself. It can’t just be me that feels like this? It’s nothing I’ve done, or said to anyone. It just happens.

2- Be grateful for the friends I have. Stop thinking about the friends I don’t have and focus more on the people that are already around.

3- Make more of an effort. Plan more, even if it’s a couple of months ahead in the diary, at least you know your going to see your friends.

and 4- Don’t expect too much. I expect too much from people sometimes, I forget they have their own lives too and not everything works out perfectly all the time.

I would love to know how you feel about this, if you’re also in your twenties or even younger or older – let me know.

You’re not alone and there are load of people out there exactly like you. Sometimes social media can really make you feel like crap. But remember, social media isn’t really real life.

I don’t even know if this made any sense to people or helped at all? I hope it did in some way.

Love always, G x


Sometimes I look t my blog & Youtube channel, and feel really de-motivated, deflated and just think to myself – just quit. you’re no good.

Dramatic right?

I never looked at my youtube channel and blog as a ‘money maker’ and I was never fussed about how many followers/subscribers/views I got. But lets be honest – we all think about it in the back of our minds.

My platforms are at the stage where they have come to a halt, I haven’t gained many more subscribers on my channel, and my views are around the same on my blog.

At first I was disheartened, thought I was doing something wrong, people don’t like me.

But I came to my senses as this isn’t the case. The blogging and youtube community has really upped it’s game, a lot more people are doing it (which is great!) So naturally it can be easy to fall behind, with new releases and trends, and get lost in all the other posts out there.

If you’re feeling like this too, my tip for you is it not quit. Don’t look at the numbers, don’t worry about your stats. Just love doing what you’re doing, and good things will come when you least expect it.

I blooming love making videos for my youtube channel, OK they may not be the best quality, but I find it fun to make them, edit them and look back on, they are great for memories! So I’m not going to stop just like that. The same with my blog. I put so much time, money and effort into it and wouldn’t want to stop it for the world. It’s my little get away from the rest of the world, my little bubble, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Don’t compare yourself with others, be unique and be yourself, and people will love you for it.

People will want to follow/watch you, for being you.

Most of the bigger youtubers and bloggers you see out there, started form nothing. They worked their way up, worked hard and good things happened to them.

So my advice is, if you love doing what you’re doing – keep going and work hard, good things will happen. Just believe in yourself. 

Love always, G x

I don’t know about you, but a couple of years ago, Instagram used to be my favourite platform of social media, I love taking photos and sharing them with the world- So Instagram was my little baby.

But Instagram, you’ve changed. The new algorithm is ruining us fellow bloggers!

So because of this, I thought I would share with you my favourite 8 Instagram accounts that I also turn too s make sure I don’t miss a post. psssst, Insta, we want the old you back!


Corrie was one of the first ever bloggers I followed on Instagram. She actually was the one who made me pluck up the courage to start my own blog! So she may not know it, but I look up to her very much. I love Corrie’s feed, the way she edits her photos and the images she creates are very much my sort of style I love to see. You can definitely tell she puts so much effort into her feed. Slay!



Naomi is actually a friend of mine, and her socials are doing amazingly at the moment. Naomi’s feed is very white, clean and pretty! This is also very my sort of style and she always manages to create amazing images, I always get so excited when she posts a picture – also her insane stories are on point!



Kayleigh is another one I have followed from the start, and her content has only got better and better. I really aspire to her figure a dress sense. She always posts amazing images of all these pretty outfits. I also love following her as I know she has recently moved into her dream house and has got engaged! I love following her and I think She will be one of my faves for a very long time.



Again, Gemma is one of my friends I have made through the blogging world, and I am soo grateful for her! Her pics always inspire me and when were together she helps create the best Insta worthy pictures. Gem’s feels is very bright and colourful, which you don’t actually see a lot so I really love this about her. Such a lovely lady!



Holly has such a pretty little feed! Holly is vegan, and creates amazing recipes which are all vegan friendly. Her posts always inspire me and wish I could make something like that (I am a disaster cook) Hopeing one day I can try one of her creations! The presentation of her recipes areas amazing and unique. I love seeing what she creates next!


I have only recently discovered Chessie’s Insta. OH my gosh I am obsessed with her. Her feed is all about fitness and fashion, and I love that she is such a real woman and shows her faltering and UNflatering pics to show how really she is. If you want some really fitness inspo, that is 100% realistic then you need to go and check her out.



Louise is a travel and lifestyle blogger, she’s recently got a puppy too- so why wouldn’t you want to follow her? I feel like her images are so real and true to life without much editing, which again, you don’t see that very often! I love seeing where she travels too and the outfits she wears are to die for!



I absolutely love Kristy, I knew her in college and it’s great to see how far she has gone with her blogging game. She loves to travel and take amazing fashion shots. If you want to follow and get to kn ow an upcoming blogger, then this is your girl!

Who is your favourite Insta account to follow?

Love always, G x