I was so excited to write this post, it’s a brand I love and these products are just my everything. Too much?
The Body Shop is my favourite brand for bath and body products (yes that means it even tops Lush for me!) The main reason for this is the packaging, the scents, and they are against animal testing. Winner!

I thought I would put together for you my favourite Body Shop products that I have been absolute loving for a long while now, and most of them have been re-purchased. I love a mixture of things from The Body Shop. Candles, skincare, make-up and bath stuff!!

One of my faves, that have always been my fave are their hand creams. I have always loved the Almond scented one the most, but recently I have discovered the British Rose and Almond Milk & Honey scents too (just to let you know that almond is my favourite scent in anything, in the whole wide world!) I always carry one of the mini hand creams in my handbag (I have 2!) and I also have the full sized hand creams at home also – I never want to run out! here hand creams are honestly the best I have ever used. They instantly make your hands feel so silky soft, without your hands feeling greasy afterwards as the cream really dissolves into your skin quickly. A definite, definite must.

Please tell me you have tried their shower gel?! If you haven’t – you need too ASAP!
I find that a lot of shoer gels don’t keep their sent after you have washed it off in the shower, but not with The Body Shop shower gels. You will be smelling divine for hours after you have used this in the shower. I really love the limited edition scents for shower gels. I recently got the Frosted Plum scent for Christmas as it’s the nicest smell ever! I also have this in British Rose, as this is just one of my favourite all year round scents.

You’re probably thinking, hand wash, really? But let me tell you this hand wash has made my life, and when this has previously ran out I was devastated. Yes it’s the Almond scent ( surprise surprise ) but this hand wash is so creamy, and smells absolutely amazing. It leaves your hands feeling smooth, clean and smelling lovely for hours after washing your hands! If you haven’t tried this you need too, you won’t regret it.

A candle! Yes, a candle. If you know me, you will know I absolutely love candles, and I had always wanted to try one of The Body Shop candles, and my mum really kindly got me one for Christmas. I haven’t actually burnt this yet, but I can tell already it’s going to be a winner. It smells amazing and ca tell it will really make the whole house smell amazing too. I really love that the glass jar doesn’t have any branding on it too, you don’t see that very often.

Next is onto skincare/make-up. I have been using the All-In-One BB Cream for probably about 6 months now and I love it. This is perfect when you don’t want anything heavy on your face, but you still want that coverage. I love this cream, it comes out white but then it will blend into the shade of your skin. It really is amazing how it works, and you end up with quite a high coverage but with a really light creamy product. It’s also perfect to take on holiday – I used this in Thailand as I didn’t want to go out with no makeup up all, but I didn’t want a full face of make-up, and this product just saved me.

I also love the Vitamin E Moisture Protect Lip Care balm. I originally bought this for my holiday in Thailand too, it has SPF in, which is amazing even for when you’re in rainy England. The moisture this gives your lips is just amazing, and it does it without your lips feeling sticky, it doesn’t even feel like you have anything on your lips – such an amazing product for chapped or sore lips.

What are your favourite products from The Body Shop? I would love to try some more out.

Love always, G x


I was going through my photos the other day, and thought to myself wow, I actually did quite a lot in 2017! I felt so happy to have done things, and felt really proud of myself to go out of my comfort zone a little too. As it is the last day of 2017 – I thought I’d do this extra post as a little 2017 round up.

So here are a few of things I did and chivied this year.

I met one of my new besets friends ever Gemma. Make the effort to make new friends and go on new adventures!

My birthday. A time spent with my loved ones and being incredibly lucky!

I had an amazing opportunity to go to Paris with the brand Alcatel – possibly one the best things in my life so far that I have ever done.

Picking up our little puppy, Wilma! She is now 9 months old and doesn’t look like a little puppy anymore. One of the best memories I have this year.


Going on the holiday of a lifetime- KOH SAMUI, THAILAND. 

Going to London for the day with a few fellow bloggers, Sketch & Elan Cafe.Such a special day.

Visiting my bestie in Bristol, and going to Bath for the day.


Going pumpkin picking for the first time, it was so much fun!

The first snowing day in years!

I hope you all had an amazing 2017, and here is to 2018!

Love always, G x

Another year over, a new one just begun

That’s right, another year has flown by and we are just around the corner of beginning 2018, scary right? I don’t know about you, but every year I will say ‘wow, this year has gone so quick!’ I always say it, and actually think each year gets quicker and quicker.

Because it’s another year, of course I am writing my hopes and goals for 2018. I love writing these kinds of posts as I like to look back on the year to see if I have achieved what I had planned, if not, to see if I was anywhere close. So here are my hopes & goals of 2018.

Something big is happening…I know this will be totally annoying, but something big is happening next year, I reckon in Feb. So keep tuned for updates and announcements, I am super excited for this and hope you will be too!

Take better care of my body. I have decided to not make one of my goals to lose X amount of weight, but instead to just take better care of my body. I am actually going to cancel my gym membership next year at some point as it is reallllly expensive and I just can’t justify spending that much each month on a gym. Instead I just want to keep an eye on what I am eating, take Wilma (our gorgeous pup) on long walks and just take proper good care of my body bit more, and actually think about my health too.

Family & Friends. This is a really important one for me. I am going to make a lot more effort to see my friends and family more. Life is too short, so you need to make the most of the close people around you. My aim is to spend more quality time together, put dates in the diary maybe a month in advance, then you know for sure it’s going to happen and it probably won’t be cancelled as it has been planned for a few weeks. 

Money. This is also up there. Money for me is going to be so important in the next year, I need to keep track of what I am spending. My problem is buying lots of little things, and without realising I have spend £50 on absolutely nothing. So I am going to keep a better eye on my money and spending – this is super important. 

Think more about myself. So this might seem strange, or selfish. But I am that person who always tried to make everyone else happy around me, even if it makes me stressed out or in an uncomfortable situation. If I don’t like something, or don’t want to do something, I am not going to do it. I need to think more about myself and my wants/needs, and probably just say no more. 

Work hard. The last goal for 2018, is to work hard. This is both at my full time job, and my blogging&youtube life at home. I really want to up my game with my blogging and youtube. I think I said this last year, but it didn’t really happen which makes me so sad! I am a bit annoyed at myself for this, but this year I am going to make it happen. I have lots of exciting content that will be coming (linked to point one!) I want to also work hard in my job. I need o keep going and work hard to help myself with my future career.

So there you have it my hopes & goals of 2018. I really hope these happen, and I can’t wait to announce the big news which will be coming soon!

I wish you all the best for 2018 and hope it’s your year.

Love always, G x


I am all about the festive makeup, even though I still doing go too OOTD, I do like to make a bit more of an effort that I normally do, and Christmas is the perfect time right?

I thought I would share with you this look as I went out for a Christmas meal with some friends (which was just delightful!) and I really liked my makeup so thought I would share with you my look.

I like to normally go for a golden shimmer eye look when Christmas is around the corner. Who am  kidding, I wear it most of the time!
Gold shimmer on the eyes is just my favourite any time of year, but it’s so perfect for Christmas. My Morphe Palette in the shade Fall into Frost has been my absolute go to product over the last couple of months. If you don’t have a Morphe palette I highly recommend in purchasing one! They have so many shades and at such a good price too. 

The highlighter which I use is for special occasions now, I used to wear it everyday but I have hit pan and it’s slowly getting lower and lower which makes me so sad 🙁 Mary-Lou-Manizer from The Balm is one of my favourite highlights of all time (and if you know me, you know I love my highlighter.) This gives the most perfect golden shimmer and glow that you need for the festivities.

For lips, I went for one fo the PIXI liquid matte lipsticks in the shade Evening RoseThis is the perfect shade when you don’t want that classic Christmas red shade, but you still want your lips to stand out and be on of your main makeup features. This is actually the first time I have tried one fo the PIXI liquid matte lipsticks, and I have to say I am very impressed. I love my matte liquid lipsticks, and have done all year and I really rate the PIXI ones so I definitely recommend grabbing one of those, they do some really good neutral shades too. 

Next onto eyes. I love my eyelashes looking extra long and thick, so I always like to add a pair of falsies if I am going out for a nice meal. For this evening I decided to go for the KOKO 503 lashes which I have just fallen in love with. My favourite lashes are the three quarter length ones as I love the effect that these give. They really add length and flutter to your look, and they don’t look like you’re wearing fake lashes, which is always good! 

These are my main festive look must haves for this year. I went for a much more natural and subtle party look, but I love it so much. what is your favourite festive product of the year?

Love always, G x

Making memories is one of my favourite things to do, I am always doing it, even without realising. Sometimes my friends and family must think I’m mad, when all I seem to do is take pictures of everything and anything, but what can I say, I just love making memories.
I have 2 pieces of equipment which I use to make the best memories I can; one is obviously my mobile phone. I have an iPhone 7 and it’s one of the best bits of equipment I own. When you’re out and about, they are the best to snap up some pictures, or videos, share on social media to share with all your friends. With your phone you can keep your memories and share them if you want too.

Next up is a camera. I definitely cannot live without my camera, especially as a blogger and youtuber! Choosing the right camera can be scary-will you like it? In my opinion:Best Compact Camera, Panasonic! Here is an example of one of their very highly rated camera which would be perfect for creating that special moment. Panasonic have a huge variety to choose from to get the camera which is right for you.

Taking photos/videos is one of my favourite things to do, maybe that’s why I am a blogger and youtuber… I just enjoy it so much. Creating videos and sharing them online means I can create a story with my memories. Other people can watch them for their entertainment, and I can also watch them back in a few months, years, even decades!

I absolutely love the thought of showing my future family and children videos and pictures of exciting times in my life, telling them stories and probably making them laugh with all the stupid things I managed to catch on camera.

I don’t think I will ever stop making memories, even if one day I stop sharing them online, I will never stop making them for myself. Memories are one of the best things in life to make you smile, laugh and even cry. Memories you can never forget.

Here are a few of my favourite photos I have taken which have amazing memories for me, and mean a lot to me: