Ok, I am not a baker at all and even though I made one hell of a mess, burnt my fingers and sneaky gave my dog some for a treat – I had a lot of fun trying to create these little pumpkins!

If you want to make some easy Halloween treats, these are definitely a good one to try! All you need is:

  • Marshmallows
  • Food colouring
  • Rice Crispies
  • Rolo’s
  • M&M’s

And that my pals, is it!

The first step is to melt the marshmallows ( Which yes, I did manage toast the fire alarm off, who even does that?! ) You can tell I don’t do this very often.

Once the marshmallows are melted you need to add a splash of food colouring, and snowy mix in the rice crispies until you think there is enough really!

This is the part when I got a bit stuck and managed to burn my fingers, so be careful! I then added the mixture into a bowl and waited 10 minutes for the mixture to cool down a little bit, then I would mould the mixture into a ‘pumpkin’ shape. Add the role on top as the stork, and then a green M&M for a little leaf.


Life I said, they aren’t professional at all, just a bit of fun! I hope you enjoy 😄 And let me know if you make some too!

Happy Halloween!

Love always, G x

It’s that time of year guys! I have always, always wanted to go pumpkin picking, for about 3 years now, and finally this year was the year.

My boyfriend and I decided to head down to our local Pumpkin Patch, which is only about 5 minutes away, so who knows why we hadn’t gone sooner?!

Straight away I was so blown away, all I could see were Pumpkins, everywhere. It didn’t cost anything to get in which is great, loads of other people were there also with their families, or just for pictures! It was such a picture perfect area, especially for that Autumnal Insta theme.

So first off we decided to walk round all the pumpkins which were growing around us, which by the way, I didn’t even know how they grew, I was mind blown! Fun fact : Did you know pumpkins are fruit and not vegetables?

I picked up a good few pumpkins which I thought were the one but of course I kept seeing others and swapping them, until I ended up with the most perfectly round and orange pumpkin!

We also then headed towards the big crates full of different sorts of pumpkins.

There were these weird pumpkins which I had never seen before, they were almost like two pumpkins squashed in together to make one.

There were also the silver pumpkins, baby pumpkins, white pumpkins, you name it they had them there for you to choose.

SO in the end, I ended up buying the medium sized classic pumpkin, a slightly smaller multicoloured pumpkin, and two mini ones which are totally adorable, and are perfect for blog props!

If you have never been pumpkin picking before, and you love Autumn then I very highly recommend going to your nearest patch! It was so much fun even though we weren’t there for very long-it was a fun Autumn activity, definitely one ticked off the bucket list.

Love always, G x

The bold bright colours and pastels have been put away for year another year, and I have dug out some of my fave beauty picks for the Autumn and Winter.

First of all, can we talk about these candles? I know they have nothing to do with beauty but I am totally obsessed with them. The smaller candle in Spice Pumpkin is from Primark, and it was only £1! This is perfect for Halloween to create the perfect autumnal/halloween atmosphere. The other candle is in the scent Pumpkin Brûlée. I can’t explain to you how amazing this smells…It was form Homesense and was the last one on the shelf so I nabbed it straight away! I just love the look of it, the purple shade isn’t your usual autumnal shade but I love that about it, and can we talk about the lid? Oh gosh, it has a really cute little pumpkin cut out – how adorable?!

Okay so now onto the stuff you want to hear about, the beauty bits!

First of all lets talk about the eyeshadow palette. This is a really new purchase of mine as I hadn’t bought any new eyeshadow for a while now and though it was time for a new palette. I love experimenting with eyeshadow, and this palette shout me colours all over. So this is the Morphe Fall into Frost palette. The colours in this palette are so gorgeous and scream Autumn. Most of the shades are shimmers, which I love and there is also a line of matte shades too. I can definitely tell I am going to be using this palette an awful lot as there are so many different shades for different occasions/styles. Such a good priced palette too for so many shades!

Next onto lips, I have picked my 3 faves for this coming Autumn – one is an old fave and the other two are new purchases and I can’t wait to wear them! My old fave is Sin by MacThis is a matte dark berry shade, it was my first real dark lipstick and I fell in love with it straight away, the perfect Autumnal colour! I have also chosen a new gloss which is Sheer Rose by PIXI Beauty I am not normally a gloss kinda gal, but this one from PIXI totally changed my mind, the colour is gorgeous on it’s own for a subtle hint of rose colour, or you can add it to a lipstick also to give it extra colour and shine. It’s not as sticky as other glosses I have tried and also really does last for quite a while. Last but not least, I bought a liquid lipstick in Scandalous by NYX.  This is a really daring shade for me and very much out of my comfort zone, but weirdly enough I love it. The shade is almost like a dark grey, well it basically is dark grey! I haven’t seen this anywhere before and really wanted to try it, to be honest I thought I’d hate it on me but I am proven wrong. I can’t wait to wear this shade more now it is officially Autumn – the perfect shade for Halloween.

Onto cheeks, I really love the Maybelline Balm & Blush in Shimmering BronzeI really love this little gem, it gives you an instant shimmer and glow for when your skin is feeling dry and sore from the chilly weather. You can also use this on your lips too to give them some moisture if you want, and it will also give them a little bit of colour so it’s a good duo product!

What are your favourite Autumnal beauty picks?

Love always, G x


So it’s that awkward time of year where you don’t know wether to keep the flip flops and shorts out, or rummage for your cosiest jumpers and boots!
I personally really love the start of Autumn and this time of year genuinely. Everyone starts to get a little bit excited for Christmas, and we can dress all warm and cosy, sipping hot chocolate infront of the fire.

When it’s that awkward in-between stage, I love wearing skirts with tights, and maybe just adding a cute scarf as an accessory, which is exactly what I’ve done for my first Autumnal outfit of the year.

So for this outfit I feel I went quite plain and simple. I went for a ribbed high neck cream top, with a denim look skirt which has the paper bag effect, which I just absolutely love! I bought this in the sale and just can’t get enough of it!

So with this outfit, I paired it with black tights and black boots – very classic! I also styled it with my trusty Burberry scarf (which is actually my mums by shhh!)

For my choice of bag, I went for this really cute rucksack which has like a teddy style feel to it which I love so much, this style is very in this Autumn.

BOOTS – NEW LOOK (similar)

Love always, G x

Hands up if you love IKEA. I know I definitely do… but I don’t like their meatballs and mash (unpopular opinion, sorry!)

As we all seem to love IKEA so much, I thought I would put together some tips on how to survive your trip to IKEA, as we all know how they can be…

First things first, be prepared. You have to be prepared to go to IKEA, it really is a must. So here’s what you need…
Take a big car! If you’re planning on buying something big, or even think you might be buying something big, take a big enough car to get it back in, otherwise you’ll be stuck. I have experience of this as my boyfriend and I went to IKEA to buy a desk, which we got, but we then couldn’t fit it properly in his car so I was squashed right up to the windscreen for an hour long journey home – and it definitely wasn’t fun!

With taking a big car, you need to have in mind what you are going there for. Otherwise you could end up doing some spending damage!

Take a tape measurer! IKEA do have their own tape measures but they are only paper so can break easily. Definitely make sure you take a tape measure and any measurements you need for your big purchase!

This is a hard one, but don’t get distracted by other items around you! I know this is near impossible right? I get so excited in IKEA and just want to look and sit on everything. 

Take lots of inspo. IKEA is great for getting inspo for your own home as they have so many different show homes and displays. Most of them are absolutely gorgeous and are definitely my style! IKEA is spot on.

Take a man with you! Honestly the best survival tip I can give you ladies. A man can help with all the heavy lifting when in the IKEA workshop, especially if what you want is stacked somewhere high. Just give them your puppy eye look and flutter lashes and you’re good to go!

Mission completed!

You have now completed your trip to IKEA. I hope you enjoy!

Love always, G x