Who doesn’t love duty free shopping? On our recent trop to Thailand, I thought it would be rude not to have a little look around the world duty free shop at Heathrow Airport.
I was on the look out for a a fresh summer scent, but had no idea what I was really looking for.

After looking through a good few I didn’t find one which blew me away, until I saw some really unusual packaging, which was for the Moschino Fresh perfume.

Look at that packaging.

Okay so first thing is first, the packaging. This is what drew me in the most to the perfume first. I have never seen a perfume like this, it looks like a cleaning product! Imagine whipping this out your bag – Just giving my myself a spring clean! Also on the back of the bottle, it has really cute little quotes which just makes it and it’s something you would probably find on the back of a cleaning product.

‘Works great on : At Work, On a Date, to a Formal Event, and much more!’
‘CAUTION : This perfume may make you feel fresh!’

Obviously I didn’t just buy this because of the packaging. But I might have been tempted…

So, this is the Moschino Fresh Pink Eau De Toilette.

I instantly fell in love with the smell of this, it is so fresh *funny that!* and has a really floral scent to it, it just made me feel so girly – girl power!

I did also try the Moschino original Fresh Couture, which has the same packaging but in a blue bottle. I personally didn’t like this one as much as the scent was a lot more harsh and I feel like you would either love it or hate it, and personally it wasn’t for me.

Obviously I was super happy I actually preferred the scent of the pink bottle!

If your looking for a really girly, fresh and pretty scent for this summer, this perfume is definitely the one! You can grab it at DebenhamsOr if you want it for the packaging, that’s fine too, I don’t blame you. 

Love always, G x

Probably like every other beauty obsessed girl out there, when I went on holiday I packed a full makeup bag of al the bright coloured lipsticks, a couple of different highlighters, crazy eyeshadow colours – you name it, I probably packed it.

But when it actually comes down to doing your makeup whilst on holiday- we go super minimal.

I went to Koh Samui in Thailand on holiday, and omg I had not felt humidity like it, so minimal makeup in the hot evenings were a must.

So without me babbling on any further, here is what I actually wore.

Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream

I still don’t feel 100% comfortable with my skin all bare, so I had to use something as a base. I decided to try this Body Shop all-in-one BB cream for the first try. I love BB creams whilst on holiday as they are so light and airy on your skin, and don’t clog your pores up. This is like magic, the colour of the products comes out white and as you blend it into your skin, it adapts to your very won skin tone. Amazing right? It also hydrates your skin for 24 hours (which is perfect for humid Thailand!) and illuminates and even old your skin tone. Magic in a bottle!

shop here

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

Highlight. I took numerous different products with me, but for this holiday I kept grabbing my Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in the shade Pink Quartz. I love this little beauty. This product gives you the perfect glow and bronze all in one swipe of the brush. I wore this every single evening on holiday, as my aim is to be super glowy, and this baby does exactly that. With the different shades in one brick, you get the pink tones, icy tones, and bronze tones all in one. Amazing!

shop here

Kylie Cosmetics Metal Gloss

Again, I took million and one different lip products, from mattes to glosses to lip balms. But I actually went for one lip products the whole holiday which was from Kylie Cosmetics. It’s one of her Metal Glosses in the shade Heir. I have loved this product for so long now, it’s like a gold but has a metal effect which kind of looks like a shimmer/foil effect? It is in a golden champagne colour, so it’s perfect for evening wear. I just feel this product matched the slowly look I was going for in the evenings.

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Zoeva Rose Golden Palette

My Zoeva eyeshadow palette was the only palette I decided to take with me, this palette has the most perfect shades for a holiday. Most of the shades are shimmery but there are golden tones, rose gold tones, and also darker shades too. It’s just gorgeous. Most nights I just used one shimmer colour all over my lid, but the shades changed each night. The colours are perfect to help you have that super glowy, highlighted look. This is by far one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes ever and I really recommend it!

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I would normally use my Mac waterproof mascara swell, but on this occasion to stop all possibility of having major panda eyes in the heat, I went and got eyelash extensions. These were really natural and didn’t look like fake lashes at all, it just meant I didn’t need to top up with mascara, which was lush!

So there you have it, that’s the makeup that I actually wore on my holiday. Why can’t I have a holiday face all the time?! *holiday blues*

Love always, G x



If you have been visiting my blog more recently, you will know that I am in love with PIXI Beauty. You may also know that my favourite range of theirs in the PIXI Glow range. So this little trio I have here, is perfect.

The PIXI glow range is perfect if you have dull skin that needs brightening, hydrating and to make you look more awake and even look like you have caught the sun a little bit. These products are the one for you!

The first step for that super glowy and healthy skin look is to use the Glow Mud Cleanser. This helps exfoliate and remove dead skin cells to reveal a more radiant and healthy skin.

The next step, is to tone. This is probably my favourite product to use ever on my skin, I have been using it for a good couple of years now and I am always re-purchasing it. The Glow Tonic. This is my favourite skincare product, I think ever. Now that is a big statement to make! It just makes me skin feel so smooth and fresh, and in the morning I can see a difference, my pores feel and look smaller and my skin is so much softer, there is also that little hint of a glow too.
If you’re travelling a lot, an alternative of this is the Glow Tonic To-GoThese are all ready made up pads which are socked in the original PIXI Glow Tonic formula, so there is no need to take any liquid, and you’re all ready to go. If you don’t like the idea of the pads and want to take the original bottle away with you, they also do a travel sized bottle which s also super helpful. So there is no excuse for you not to take your glow tonics away with you!

I think I love PIXI so much because I know they are not tested on animals. This is bit must and I have really been focusing on what make-up and beauty brands I am using as I want to make sure what I am wearing was not tested on animals, and I know with PIXI I am safe.

Have you tried the Glow range before, what do you think of it?

Love always, G x

Pixi by Petra is one of my favourite brands ever. I feel like it is quite underated as not everyone has heard of them before. Pixi are a makeup and skincare brand, which do not test on animals – Which I think we all will love about them!

I was lucky enough to pick up their Hello Rose! box set, which includes a glow booster, beauty blush duo and a lip lift max.

Can we all just take a second to appreciate their packaging?! It’s so pretty as usual, they normally go with the mint green these which they still have here, but they have added a touch of pink for this rose set.

Good-bye dull and Hello rose!

Glow Booster – This is a glow enhancing lotion which corrects uneven skin tone. Amazing right?! It also includes anti-acing vitamin A & E which is a bonus for us who want to look after their skin. This really does give you a gorgeous glow and shimmer of pinky rose as the light shines on your cheeks. Perfect for an everyday use, especially for sprit and summer.

Beauty Blush Duo – This gorgeous duo comes with two pretty shades, a pinky rose blush and also a shimmery champagne shade. The pink is perfect for the apples of your cheeks to give you a hint of pink blush, and the shimmery champagne colour is amazing to give you a little more highlight and glowyness. Again, perfect for spring and summer.

Lip Lift Max – This lip gloss gives you a volume-maximising feel which cools your lips at the same time, who knew lipgloss could multitask?! The host of colour is sheer rose which is perfect on it’s own for a more subtle look, or you can wear it over the top of your favourite lipstick to give you that glossy finish. Make your lips form and plump, with a hint of rose for spring. 

This set is gorgeous to turn your dull skin into amazing, shimmering, glowy skin. It retails at £20, which you can grab here –> PIXI

Love always, G x

I have heard so many people talk about this new and upcoming make brand,Lottie London. The first thing that caught my eye was the gorgeous packaging. How cute and girly are they?!

I thought I would make a little order on superdrug and try out some of their products I have been hearing a lot about.

The first thing I knew I had to pick up was their new highlight palette. This is called the Shimmer Squad. I have seen so many people rave about this palette, and I can definitely see why. You get four different shades, with a mixture of lighter and darker shades. So this is definitely perfect for all year round, when you want a more bronzed look, or a more frosty look. The pigmentation on this is amazing, you don’t need a lot of product to be able to see the shimmer, but you can also build it up if you want a more dramatic look. This will definitely be me, as if you know me, you know how obsessed I am with highlighter.
This palette is definitely a must have for me, and at such a great price!

Next up is one of their lip kits. I do own a Kylie Cosmetics lip kit and am totally obsessed with it, so I had really high hopes for Lottie’s lip kit too.

The kit comes with the liquid lipstick and a lip-liner. I bought this in the shade Werk It which is a gorgeous darker nude colour, with purple undertones. It is the perfect everyday colour for this time of year.

The lipliner is so smooth to apply and really glides on your lips. The liquid lipstick also applies really well onto the lips. I had worn this all day for a test and it really doesn’t budge. The lip liner especially really does slay all day just like the packaging says. I feel this is such a great dupe for the Kylie Cosmetics lip kits, I definitely want to purchase a couple more of these in different colours.

I also ordered two more products as they just caught my eyes and I really wanted to try them out. I ordered the Insta Filter Pore Eraser and the Wing Woman EyelinerI was very intrigued about the pore filler as I had never had a product like this before. I have used it like a primer, and oh  wow I don’t know why I haven’t found something like this sooner. It makes your skin feel so smooth and soft before applying any foundation or concealer. 

The eyeliner also is great, it is like a pen eyeliner which I think makes it super easy to apply, and it really lasts all day without smudging. Hopefully this will last a while without drying up, but we will see. As a first try, I am very impressed!

Overall with Lottie London makeup, I am really impressed with their products and really want to try more. Do you have any products from Lottie London? Let me know, I’d love to have some recommendations.

Love always, G x