I know what you’re thinking, why its she talking about Autumn already?I bet you’re all the same though and just don’t want to admit it – I can’t stop thinking about Autumn. Autumn fashion, cosy nights in – anything Autumn I just love. 

So I have recently been thinking about my Autumnal wardrobe and what pieces I think are really good Autumn essentials. The first piece I thought of was definitely a gingham dress. Gingham dresses are so good to style in the Autumn time, so I thought I would put together this little style post as some inspiration for your Autumn wardrobe.




Okay so first things first, the dress. This dress is from a website called SHEIN. I personally never heard of this website before, but it had some really amazing fashion items on there for a really goof price, so it id finitely worth checking out.

This dress is very pretty, it is a black and white gingham effect, I love that it isn’t too short on me either it’s a very good length. That may be because I am only 5ft 1 🙈
So this dress inches in a tiny bi under your bust, then flows down so is very flattering and comfortable. I have to say my favourite thing about the dress is the back of it. Round the back there are like 3 ties which you can do up in cute little bows – I love this as it just adds a little something extra to the dress. Also the sleeves I love, they are very in a the moment as they are what I call ‘bell sleeves’ and they are a really good length too.

Overall, the dress is super pretty and comfortable – I am very impressed with it as the material is cotton, its perfect for summer or winter too depending on how you’re styling it.


As you can see, I have style this for Autumn. So I have paired it with a pair of black tights and ankle boots, which you can’t go wrong with in the Autumn/Winter. and for the top half I have paired it with my classic black leather jacket, and if that isn’t enough, if it’s extra chilly I have also gone and paired it with a cute scarf and hat too. There are so many different options on how to style this dress as it’s ver monochrome and perfect for all weather.

You can go and grab this dress form SHEIN from here

What do you think your favourite Autumn piece will be?

Love always, G x

At the weekend, myself and Gemma attended the big YouTuber event – Summer in the City. I went last year and absolutely loved it, so decided to head back this year.

If you don’t know what Summer in the City is, it’s basically a big event with talks, stalls, rides and meet&greets with your fave YouTube stars. It’s held at the ExCel in London and is one of my favourite events ever.

It was of course a hard decision to decide what to wear on the day, as everyone is looking everyone to see if they can spot anyone they follow. I decided to go for a quite casual chic look for this years event.

For my top, I went quite plain, but it also had a little something on there. So this tee is from Primark, and is part of their Disney collection, who doesn’t love a bit of Disney?! I love that the Mickey Mouse is mirrored onto each side of the tee and is made out of sequins. It just gives it that little extra sparkle!

The skirt I have is from ASOS, I actually got it in the sale and I am so in love with it! It’s denim, but a light weight denim that pinches in at the waist with a paper bag effect (which I am totally loving at the moment) So it has a skater look to it with a little tie up bow. It’s a lot more comfortable than a straight A line stiff denim skirt. It would also look so cute in Autumn paired with tights and booties! I know I’m already thinking about Autumn…

Then for the shoes I have these little pumps from Superga – They are just like a black converse. They came with plain black laces but I decided I could jazz them up a little bit so I bought white ribbon laces off Amazon for about £3, and replaced the plain black ones with these. I think it just add’s a bit of cuteness and chic to the whole outfit.

I hope you like my outfit! Please let me know what you think.



Top – Primark
Skirt – ASOS (in the sale!)
Shoes – Office (Similar)
Bag – Primark

Love always, G x





Do you ever flick through your favourite fashion brands online and just wish you could buy everything? Well I always do it, and at the moment I am trying really hard to save as much as I can, so looking at clothes online feels like torture.

As I was browsing and adding nearly everything to my ‘Wishlist’ I thought I would share a few of my faves with you, as I love seeing what others are loving also.




What is your favourite pick?

Love always, G x

Do you ever see a piece of clothing and know that, you have to own it? That’s what happened with this cute little number.

I originally sw this jacket on another bloggers Instagram who I follow, and I instantly fell in love with the jacket she was wearing – her outfit was so simple, a white top, black jeans, and this pretty little jacket.

Originally she bough the jacket from Topshop, and it was on their site for £45 which you can have a look at hereIt was perfect, and I needed it in my life. I was ready to purchase it, until I was browsing the MissPap site, and you wouldn’t believe that there it was, almost identical to the Topshop one, but only £25.

I felt like I had won the lottery or something! So without hesitation I made an order and it arrived in the next couple of days.

This jacket is so me, pink and frilly! It’s perfect for Spring/Summer, as you know, here in England it isn’t normally very hot so a little jacket is perfect if it starts to get a bit chilly. The colour and fit is just perfect, it fits me like a glove, so it was meant to be!

I love the style of this the most, it is slightly copped, but not too much! I’m not normally a fan off cropped tops or jackets but this seems to be the perfect length on me (probably because I’m so short!) I also love the bell sleeves. Is that what you call them? There are so many different ways to call them, but I’m just going to call them bell sleeves. They pinch in at just the right length on your arm to them flow our again for the bell sleeve.

Who would have thought I would love a jacket this much?! I can already tell I am going to get so much wear out of this little number.

You can dress it up, or dress it down – which ever you prefer! So basically an all rounder. MissPap also feature this little jacket in a few other colours too if you’re just not into the pink life. 

That little frilly jacket.

Love always, G x



Spring is definitely in full swing. Even though it is still little chilly, you can still accessorise and jazz up your Spring outfit.

With this outfit I went for a really simple statement look, it’s something I would wear on a day to day basis in Spring.

For the basics, I went for a simple plain black pair of jeans, a cute pink t-shirt and a trench coat. Super easy to put together, but it also looks classy and like you have really made an effort.

To jazz this outfit up a little bit, I have styled this with two bags, and two pairs of shoes.

The first bag I have paired this outfit with is a really gorgeous Ted Baker over the shoulder tote. It’s a really lovely light grey colour, so it basically can go with any outfit. It also has rose gold detailing which gives it a really lovely finish. I wouldn’t wear this bag everyday and it’s more of a special day out bag, as I wouldn’t wan it to get too dirty.

Next is this gorgeous Louis Vuitton backpack. This bag was actually a hand me down from my mum. She never really ever used it and she realised that I would make much more wear out of it, which I do, and I love it so so much and take really good care of it.
The classic print is gorgeous and works really well with the trench coat.

For shoes, the first pair are these super cute pom pom mules. I know they are bit out there, some people hate them and some people love them. I really love them and they work so well with this outfit. Being back they work so well, and the pom poms just add a little something to it.

The other pair of shoes I matched with are another pair of mules, these are the perfect shoes for Spring and I adore them. They are a really gorgeous dusky pink colour with gold hardware, a perfect dupe of the Gucci mules.

Apart from the shoes and bags, I have also added a cute pair of pink tinted sunglasses, perfect for Spring as (hopefully) the sun should shine!

Coat– ASOS
Jeans- Primark
Ted Baker bag
Pom Pom mules- EGO official
Pink mules- Miss Selfridge

Love always, G x