Spring is definitely in full swing. Even though it is still little chilly, you can still accessorise and jazz up your Spring outfit.

With this outfit I went for a really simple statement look, it’s something I would wear on a day to day basis in Spring.

For the basics, I went for a simple plain black pair of jeans, a cute pink t-shirt and a trench coat. Super easy to put together, but it also looks classy and like you have really made an effort.

To jazz this outfit up a little bit, I have styled this with two bags, and two pairs of shoes.

The first bag I have paired this outfit with is a really gorgeous Ted Baker over the shoulder tote. It’s a really lovely light grey colour, so it basically can go with any outfit. It also has rose gold detailing which gives it a really lovely finish. I wouldn’t wear this bag everyday and it’s more of a special day out bag, as I wouldn’t wan it to get too dirty.

Next is this gorgeous Louis Vuitton backpack. This bag was actually a hand me down from my mum. She never really ever used it and she realised that I would make much more wear out of it, which I do, and I love it so so much and take really good care of it.
The classic print is gorgeous and works really well with the trench coat.

For shoes, the first pair are these super cute pom pom mules. I know they are bit out there, some people hate them and some people love them. I really love them and they work so well with this outfit. Being back they work so well, and the pom poms just add a little something to it.

The other pair of shoes I matched with are another pair of mules, these are the perfect shoes for Spring and I adore them. They are a really gorgeous dusky pink colour with gold hardware, a perfect dupe of the Gucci mules.

Apart from the shoes and bags, I have also added a cute pair of pink tinted sunglasses, perfect for Spring as (hopefully) the sun should shine!

Coat– ASOS
Jeans- Primark
Ted Baker bag
Pom Pom mules- EGO official
Pink mules- Miss Selfridge

Love always, G x


Valentines day is coming up, and wether you’re spending it with your other half, or your mates, you definitely need to wear the perfect shoes. So I have got you covered!

Wether you and your partner are having a chilled movie night together, or if you’re going all out for a meal and cocktails. EGO shoes will have the perfect pair of shoes for you.

If you’re a lot like me, you’ll love a chilled evening with your loved one. A night in, cuddled up with a box of chocolates with your favourite film, is complete bliss if you ask me.

As staying in isn’t so fancy, but you want to still look the part. How about some fancy flat shoes? These black pom pom mules might be perfect for you.

love these cute littles shoes so much. I feel like they make the perfect ‘staying in’ outfit. These shoes, with a pair of jeans and a nice top – is the perfect look. Not too fancy, but not like you haven’t made an effort. It is Valentines day after all?! You can pick these gorgeous little mules up here.  If you would like to look at the other flat hoes EGO have, you can find them at http://ego.co.uk/flats.html

If you prefer to look a little more fancy, a little different, why not try these Ariana strappy sandals.

These heels are so gorgeous and go with every outfit possible (Because they are perspex!) Who ever thought of having clear perspex heels? I love the heel of this shoe, I’ve never seen anything like it before and think it looks so classy. The clear straps are also extremely comfy, so you can party the night away without worrying that they will be uncomfortable.

I can definitely tell I am going to get a lot of wear out of these, they are so easy to wear and put with different outfits. You can pick these gorgeous heels up here. If you like the perspex feel, you can also visit  http://ego.co.uk/perspex-heels.html

If you love shoes that are a bit different to anything else you’ve seen, but are also incredible fashionable, you need to head over to EGO – create your perfect outfit around your shoes. 

Hope you all have a lovely Valentines, wether you’re with your other half or with your friends, or even by yourself. Have a good one, love yourself and the people around you.

Love always, G x




ASOS has really been my weakness at the moment, I seem to want to make a new order every couple of days, and my wishlist is probably longer than my arm! At the moment I have been absolutely loving pink and blush pink clothes, accessories, literally anything. Because I had a lot of pink item son my ASOS wishlist I thought that I would share with you a few of my faves- some which are on sale so I may just go and purchase those…So here are a few of my favourites.
What’s your favourite?
Love always, G x



I just love big cosy knitwear in the Autumn/Winter time. I don’t know why but I have never really owned any jumper dresses before, until I found this one from Minnie’s Boutique

The first thing that caught my eye was the high neck, I do love a high neck in the winter time. It just keeps you that extra bit warm and I find it also very flattering. The next thing that caught my eye was the gorgeous fair isle pattern across the upper chest area, and the bottom on the dress too. It just reminds me of Christmas, which isn’t a bad thing at all!

I normally head straight for the black dress, never a light coloured one. There is just something about this one the drew me to in, t’s something a bit different for me.

img_1635 img_1634


I have paired this jumper dress with a plain pair of black tights, some black ankle boots and a black furry coat, which I am just in love with by the way! I’ll tell you a secret – It’s from Primark!

I feel like you shouldn’t wear too much other colour with this look as the jumper dress is the main piece in the whole outfit.

You can grab the dress hereand it does also come in a grey colour too which is a little darker. 


What do you think of this outfit? And what is your favourite outfit for the Winter time?

Love always, G x



When I went the the Big blogger Expo earlier in the year, I was really lucky to have met the lovely ladies at Jewellery Box. I instantly fell in love with their products, especially their rings and necklaces. I wanted to work with them straight away. After speaking to them for a while, I was super lucky to of been invited to the launch of their new products, the Karma Moments necklace range. The range varies of different necklaces, with a round circle feature then a charm of your choice in the middle of the necklace. I have never seen anything like these necklaces before and they are super cute, so of course I wanted to attend.



When arriving at the venue, I was greeted by Gemma, who is so lovely and very welcoming. She offered me a glass of champers- rude not to say no hey! The room was gorgeous. It was very simplistic which is what I love, with the necklaces places really decorative around the room with flowers and petals too. There was also a photoshoot station to have professional photo’s taken, a sweet table and a station where we could make our own necklaces. Yes thats right! We got the chance to create our own.

After chatting to a few others bloggers, it was then my turn to try and make one of the necklaces. Apparently I had the easiest necklace to make, but I didn’t get out of it that easily! I already was super lucky and was previously sent one of the necklaces which had my birthstone and initial on (which was the hardest to make) So they dismantled that one and I tried to make it again. I didn’t realise how hard and fiddly it would be, you really have to have a steady hand. It was safe to say I am not a destined jewellery maker! It was a lot of fun though and I really learnt a lot.


After making the necklace, we got made to feel like celebs! We had our own mini photoshoot which was a lot of fun making poses and showing off the necklaces. I really loved my necklace, it was the silver round pendant with a smaller rose gold ring inside and a rose gold chain to match. Totally my style!

I really enjoyed attending this event, the venue was gorgeous and so were the necklaces! I really suggest you going to check out their website as they have some really lovely pieces. You can find them HERE or the link to the rose gold pendant can be found HERE.

I really hope you enjoy JewelleryBox as much as I do. If you love small cute dainty jewellery, then JewelleryBox is for you.

Love always, G x