Last month, I went to go and visit one of my best blogging gals pals, Gemma. Myself and Gemma have actually only met a handful of times, but you wouldn’t think that when were together! We just clocked straight away form the moment we met, so here we are now, as one of my closest friends.

Gemma lives about 3/4 hours away from me, so we decided I would go up and visit her. Whilst we were together, we had a day trip to Bath. I had never been before but heard how beautiful it was. A few of my friends had been and also my family so I was so excited to finally get a chance to go.

We got the train in, and it was beautiful from the moment we stepped off the train. All the buildings were a off white colour and looked so grand. I was instantly blown away.

We decided to take a tour bus around and see as must as we possibly good. I really recommend doing this is you’re going to Bath, you get to see a lot more of the city and all about it’s history.

My favourite place we went to was The Crescent. It was just stunning. The houses in the famous semi circle arch are just incredible. To think people live in there is just overwhelming. The Crescent overlooked a really big greenery area where a lot of people were having picnics and playing games with is always lovely to see.

Of course the shops are also amazing. You can shop til you drop!

The only thing me and Gemma didn’t get to do, which is actually the main reason you would probably go to Bath, is to see the Baths! We went on the weekend and didn’t book to go, and of course the ques were so insane it would have taken hours to wait to go inside. So instead we decided against it and enjoyed the rest of Bath. I will definitely have to go back up and book the Baths though, the pictures of them look incredible.

If you have never been to Bath, I very highly recommend to take a trip. It’s a gorgeous place, with all the Instagram photo opportunities you can imagine! It would be a lovely weekend trip away.

What do you think of Bath?

Love always, G x

My boyfriend and I never thought in a million years we would get to visit Thailand. I wasn’t even somewhere we thought we would love to go as we just never thought it would be possible. You always hear so many amazing things about it, that it’s complete paradise.

So, if you don’t know my boyfriend and I are currently saving for a house, to move in together, which by the way is taking sooooo long. But anyway, we decided to go on our last holiday before we move in together, then after the holiday we would knuckle down and really focus on saving.

I remember us looking everywhere, we had no idea where to go. The main places we had in mind were Croatia or Greece. It was only when we were bombarding every holiday sight, we saw an amazing , and I mean amazing, deal for Koh Samui, a little island off Thailand. I remember me and my boyfriend looked at each other to say ‘Shall we?’
So we did it. We booked for 10 days in Thailand, completely unplanned. We would never get a chance to go again with such an amazing offer.

After a few weeks, we found out our flights had changed which meant we would have to stay at Bangkok airport for 12 hours to wait for our next flight- no thank you! So we actually cancelled the whole thing. Was really upset as I got my heart set on it and was really looking forward of it. After umming and aaring a lot, we decided to head to Virgin and book another trip to Thailand. No it wasn’t as cheap, but we felt happier as we actually got a better place, better flights and knew we had someone to speak to on hand going with virgin. This was our ‘YOLO’ holiday as I like to say, We really pushed the boat out and I can tell you, I was so excited.

So that was our journey actually booking the trip. My advice is, if you’re going somewhere long haul, that you’ll probably never get the chance to do again-have the security, even if it’s a little bit more expensive, it’s totally worth it.

Now for Thailand itself.

Oh. My. Word.

Hands down, the most beautiful, different, cultural, friendly place I’ve ever visited.

The beaches are insane. We stand along the coast of Chaweng Beach, which was supposed to be the best beach on the island, and it definitely was. The sand was white (also boiling hot-were flip flops!) and the sea was so blue and clear, it was incredible. What I really loved (as I am actually a bit scared of the sea!) is that you could walk out really far and it still be shallow, so scary deep water for me.

Absolute paradise.

We decided o do a day trip whilst we were there, a jungle safari! Before you start thinking were bad people for doing elephant trekking- we didn’t we weren’t sure about the whole animal activities you could do there so decided against it and had a fab day.

First stop was the grandmother and grandfather rocks! I’ll let you google that one…
Then we went off to see the mummified monk that had deceased for over 4o years, I love how they put sunglasses on him though.
Next stopper the waterfalls, ah-mazing.
We then went to visit the secret garden, which was a garden full of statues and all wonderful different things.
Thai lunch on top of a mountain with the most gorgeous view ever.
A visit from the biggest spider I’ve ever seen in my life!
And finally the last stop was at Big Buddha, which was just incredible to see.

The town was very different to anything I’ve ever seen before. Whilst walking up to the main street, you are bombarded with people trying to sell you things, to eat in their restaurants, and to hire mopeds! At first it was a little intimidating as I didn’t really know quite how to handle them, but I soon got used to it as just kindly said no thank you, and ignored. Simple!

The transport was my favourite. We didn’t;t hire mopeds out there as lets be honest, I really don’t trust myself on one of those! But we got the Tuk Tuks most places. Just hop on the back and they will take you wherever you wanted to go – within reason! The town was very lively in the evenings, full of bars, restaurants, shops, cafes, supermarkets, clubs. A great atmosphere! The meals out were also delicious, and oh my, so cheap.

It’s just a completely different way of living out there, and I am so happy and pleased that we got to experience it together – Now our YOLO holiday is over, it’s time to get out heads down and save.

Koh Samui/Thailand is 100% the best beach holiday I have ever been on. If you want a mix of paradise, friendliest people you can ever meet, hot weather, culture and just an all round amazing time – Thailand is definitely the place to go.

Love always, G x

I am not a massively confident driver, so I never really drive any further than about 2 hours away. I love driving, just not places that I am not very familiar with.

My grandma lives in Stoke On Trent, which from my house, is about a 4 hour drive as I live down South. As I was driving, I wanted to make sure my car was fully prepared for the journey.

Mt first tip for preparing your car for a long journey is to check your tyres. I am lucky with my car that the computer built in will flash up on my screen telling me when my tyre pressure is low and to stop carefully and fill it up.
If this isn’t the case with your car, you should definitely check your tyres regularly. You can find your tyre pressure information either in your hand book, or on the inside of your door once you open it (This is where mine is!) It will then guide you which number you need to set the tyre pressure machine on to pump them up. You need to make sure this is 100% right otherwise you won’t fill them up enough, and may have to stop and add more on your journey, or if you fill them up to much – pop! No-one wants that.

That is probably my biggest tip with preparing for a long journey, your tyres are the main piece of your car which enable you to get from A to B.

Of course one of the most obvious tips is to make sure you have enough fuel. I personally hate stopping on the way for petrol, I like to fill up before hand and not fill up again unless I really have too.

And of course, for a long journey you can’t forget to stock up on drinks and sweets!

Whilst we were in Stoke, we didn’t drive around too much, just to the shops and back really so we didn’t over run the car, as we were only up for the weekend.

Of course you much make sure as the driver you get lots of rest, and never drive when you’re feeling over tired. If you start to feel sleepy, always pull over at a service stop, have a little break. After all- You’re better off late then dead on time.

My little mini did so well on it’s run up to Stoke. We stopped off once, but my car was fine, I didn’t need to check the tyres and I didn’t need to fill it up with fuel. Instead, me and my boyfriend decided we need filling up with a bite to eat. You have to make sure you are prepared yourself too for the journey.

We made it safe and sound to my grandmas, and we had a lovely weekend catching up and going out for a lovely meal. I don’t see my grandma too often as she lives quite far away, so I really cherish it when I go up to see her.

For the journey home, we of course did the same routine as before we left.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to check your tyres. You don’t want to be stuck on the motorway waiting for the AA to turn up!

You can purchase some really good quality and cheap tyres at Point S which I highly recommend. 

How do you prepare your car for a long journey?

Love always, G x

I visited Las Vegas, about 2 years ago now. But back then I didn’t really take blogging as seriously and ‘forgot’ to blog about it- how on earth did I manage that?! So, here I am 2 years later wanting to tell you about my experience in Las Vegas.

Travelling – Travelling to Vegas was the longest long haul flight I had ever been on. The flight was about 11 hours long and it was a short transfer to our hotel once we were actually in Vegas. The flight was a lot better than I thought it would ever be, I slept, a lot. I also watched about 4 films to keep me entertained. If you are a nervous flyer, I can imagine it wouldn’t be so boring. But the best advise I do have, just try to fall asleep. I know it’s hard and a lot easier to say than do, but trust me, once you’re there, you will have wished you slept on the plane.

Hotels- The main thing about Vegas that blew me away were the hotels. When you are choosing a hotel to stay at, take sure you have ready up on every single one. Thy are all completely different with themes and are absolutely stunning. We stayed at the Planet Hollywood Hotel. This was the perfect location as it was in the centre of the Strip, right in the hustle and bustle of it all. Opposite us was the Bellagio hotel which was stunning as there was a foundation show on all the time too. the Planet Hollywood hotel often has different artists performing for a few years and the hotel would be themed them all over. When we stayed, it was Britney Spears. OMG. Britney is my far my favourite artist of all time, I think she is amazing so I couldn’t be happier that she would be performing. Unfortunately, the week we went was the week that Britney was on a break so I was gutted that we wouldn’t be able to see her live. Still, I got to see her all over the hotel, on the lifts, her music was playing, and they even had Britney casino machines. It was amazing and I was totally in my element. 


Shopping – Make sure you take lots of spending money. There is one main mall called Miracle Mile Mall. Which as you can guess, was a mile long mall of shops. But this wasn’t just any mall, it was like you were outside, the ceiling was the sky, and the shops were like little houses. It actually felt like we were outside shopping! Also, every hour there was a ‘rain storm’ where the lights would flash and it sounded like there was a thunder storm. Why you might ask? It’s Vegas, why the hell not. The shops were great, filled with designers and cafes and really unusual shops too. My favourites had to be the massive Sephora, and there was also an Official Merch Britney store – of course. 

Food – The food was great, just the typical American dinner sort of food, massive portions and unusual meals. For breakfast a couple of times, I had coffee glazed doughnuts, and omg they were incredible! I really loved all the little cafe’s and cake shops in Vegas, oh and how can I forget the ice cream?! Do you remember having ice cream sandwiches when you were little? Well they have them in Vegas, everywhere.

The Grand Canyon –  This is a must if you visit Vegas, it is by far the best thing I have ever experienced. So I bought this experience as a gift for my boyfriends 21st birthday, and to make it a bit more special, I booked the helicopter tour around the Grand Canyon, which includes landing in the heart and having a little picnic. How cute. The helicopter experience was amazing, totally mesmerising I can’t even explain, Then landing in the middle of the Grand Canyon just topped it off. It was postcard perfect and didn’t feel real. We even saw a wild lizard! Lizards are way cooler when they are in the middle of the Grand Canyon. So we spent about half an hours landed and headed back. It was just incredible, I can’t explain how amazing it was- so you just need to go and experience it for yourself.

Seeing the Sights – Vegas is al about seeing the sights. You need to try and visit every hotel possible as they are SO different and huge, and they all have something different to offer. Even walking around outside is amazing, there are escalator’s outside, to cross the road. I know right, what?! I have never seen that anywhere else before!Everything is huge. You may think that hotel is only down the road and won’t take long to walk there. Oh boy you are wrong. The hotels and building are so massive they look way closer than they really are. 

Downtown Vegas- A lot of people have said don’t go to Downtown Vegas, it’s dirty and old, and a bit scary. I bet you they went in the day time. You need to go at an evening time. The place just lights up and comes alive! They have bands playing, a light show on the ceiling, a zip wire (which we also did and was a great adrenaline rush! Deffo recommend) and not to forget the naked cowboys. Downtown Vegas is much more out there, it has the old style casinos and strip clubs, but you just have to go and see for yourself. Absolutely amazing. 

My experience of Vegas was absolutely amazing. I mean, I am writing this post 2 years late, but that jus shows how amazing it was right?! There is nowhere else in the world like this and I will never forget my experience. I would love to go back in about 10 years time, as apparently it changes every 3 years, there is something new and amazing.

I did try to vlog my experience, but I was so new to Youtube! You can watch it here if you would like.

Have you been to Vegas?

Love always, G x


A few weeks ago now, me and my mum had a little trip to Edinburgh. We went for my mum’s birthday as she had always wanted to go. I was never really that bothered about going as I am not really a country bumpkin, I am much for of a cit girl. But when mum said we can go to Edinburgh, I was all for it.

We flew out there from Stansted airport early in the morning so we had all day in the city. We stayed at a hotel called The Bonham which was beautiful. It is a 4 star boutique hotel, and is only about a 5 minute walk into the city centre- perfect!

img_1227 img_1228 img_1229 img_1230

img_1261 img_1260

img_1258 img_1259

img_1255 img_1256

As we didn’t have loads of time in Scotland, we didn’t do any trips or activities, we just wandered round the shops and went into the old town and went up to see the famous Castle. It was a lot of walking- but it was so worth it. I didn’t really realise how pretty Scotland was. Even though Edinburgh is a city, it is no where near as big as London as is just totally different.

The Saturday we were there it wasn’t very nice weather (well it is Scotland, right?!) It was rainy and so windy. But we had a nice day, and in the evening I treated mum to a birthday meal out. We went to Jamie’s Italian which was just gorgeous! The interior was stunning and we had such a lovely meal.


img_1241 img_1250 img_1244 img_1243


The Sunday we were there was much nicer weather, beautiful sunshine and it was so warm. We walked up to the castle, but decided not to go in, but we saw the views and it was incredible, you could see for miles.

We had to start heading back to the airport at about 3pm to head back home, but unfortunately our plane was delayed for 4 hours. I had never been so bored in my life! It was annoying as our flight home would have just been under an hour. While we waited we decided to treat ourselves, we bought a latte from Cafe Nero and doughnuts from Krispy Creme, yum! We eventually made it home at about 1am, but we both had a really great time. I would love to go back one day and spend a bit more time there to other things, like go to their zoo and explore a bit more just outside of Edinburgh.

I would recommend anyone to visit here if you get a chance, it’s one for the bucket list!
What do you think of Edinburgh?

You can watch my vlog of my time in the city HERE

Love always, G x