Why I Love Blogging & Starting Youtube

My mum has always told me ‘You need to find a hobby!’ By this she meant something active.  As a kid I tried so many different active hobbies such as badminton, football, gymnastics, tra mpolinging, teens, golf, dancing and more! I literally have done everything as a kid. Now I am in my twenties I don’t do any activities like that. I have a gym membership and try to go 3 times a week if I can, but that about it (If i’m lucky).

Until I started to read other peoples blogs and watch peoples Youtube videos too, I discovered that you can have a hobby that doesn’t have to be active. That’s when blogging started to be my hobby.

I started my blog in October 2014, just to try it out, see if I enjoyed it, and I really did! I tried to write a post every week and found myself loving it. I love taking pictures of literally everything and writing about my favourite things. If I didn’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t still be in the blogging world.

In the blogging world I feel completely comfortable, myself. So when I write my posts, I feel I can write about anything I love and say what I want too, not what other people want to hear. That’s the beauty of blogging.

The social media side is my favourite thing that comes from blogging. You make so many new friends on social media, talking about the things you love and finding out that you have so much in common. One day I hope to go to a blogging event and meet everyone, it’s just a bit nerve racking!

As I love blogging so much, and watching Youtube videos on beauty and lifestyle, my next step was to make a Youtube channel. Now this is very new to me still. I have made one video, and I have one scheduled to be live tomorrow t 6pm. I decided I would film a video and edit, and see if I like it and if it was good enough to upload to the Youtube world, then why not?! So I filmed an April Favourites video on my laptop. I have a Macbook Pro with iMovie already installed so I didn’t need any gadgets. I just used the webcam in my laptop to film it. Once I get more confident with them and do them more often I will think about a proper camera with lighting. So I managed to edit the video and it looked…alright? So I took the plunge and uploaded it. I was so unsure about doing this as you are really putting yourself out there. I didn’t care who saw it but I would worry what people thought about it. But then I thought, why should I care what people think? It’s what I love and enjoy. I can be myself just chatting away to the camera. I am quite a shy person if you know me in real life, and I am oping that starting Youtube will make me more confident in myself.

My boyfriend is the one who supported me and said Do it! You have nothing to lose, no bad will come out of it, so why not? And I took his advise and went for it. What can I lose? And I am loving it so far, but still have a long way to go.


What’s in my Handbag? video will be live tomorrow at 6pm, so please check out my new channel. I will be uploading videos more regular as I love doing this and get more comfortable with it. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing your dream. It doesn’t matter what people think or say.

My Youtube Channel < Please subscribe to my new channel. I ail be filming beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos.

Love always, G x