Afternoon Tea at Lavenham – The Swann

A couple of days ago my mum had a very special birthday, so I decided to take the day off and treat her will and truly. I decided to treat her to an afternoon of pretty building and yummy afternoon tea at The Swan Inn at Lavenham in Suffolk. We live in Essex so it was only about a 45 minute drive form us which wasn’t too bad, but it was down some really windy roads eek!

It was a lovely summers day but they wind was a bit chilly so we wrapped up warm. Lavenham is a beautiful little village. It isn’t very big big at all and there isn’t much there, but it is a gorgeous place. I know my mum would love it there as she loves pretty buildings and gardens. She is very much a country/scenery girl rather than a city girl.

We wandered around the village before we headed to The Swan Inn. Oh my gosh, it was beautiful! It was very old looking but also modern- very shabby chic! There were beams everywhere (which I love!) although… I had heard that it was well known for being haunted, just giving you a heads up if you ever think of staying there! It’s also dog friendly which I was amazed at, dogs everywhere!

The staff were very friendly and helpful, they sat us down at a table in the lounge with huge arm chairs and a sofa all to ourselves. When they bought the afternoon tea out, oh wow. I decided on having peppermint tea, as I don’t like normal breakfast tea(shock, I know!) The tea was gorgeous and the afternoon tea was delicious! We had mini sandwiches, scones and mini cakes, we were stuffed. Well you can’t leave any behind can you when it’s that amazing?













Lavenham is a gorgeous place, and The Swann Inn looks amazing with hotel facilities and also a spa! I wish we could have stayed there longer and has a spa treatment too.

The Swann Inn @ Lavenham

Love always, G x