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12 Reasons Why I Love December

Okay, so December is a couple of days away, I know scary right?! It only seems like yesterday when I went to Disneyland Paris back in April. I think we can all agree that this year really has flown by. But I absolutely love this time of year now that it’s getting scarily close to Christmas. Anyone not started their Christmas shopping yet?! I started today… Opps.
As I love this time of the year so much I thought I would tell you guys why I particularly love December so much.
  1. Advent Calendars
    Who is in their twenties and doesn’t have an advent calendar? This is definitely first of my favourite things as it starts right at the beginning of December and is basically a yummy countdown to the best day ever, Christmas. I always buy my boyfriend one as we do every year without fail, although sometimes I do have to give him a subtle reminder that I have bought his, so I hope he remembers to get mine also! Cheeky
  2. Quality Family Time
    I always find that you always sound more time with your family in December than any other time in the year. Everyone gets together at Christmas, friends and family. Everyone tries to see everyone on or before Christmas, exchanging gifts and presents, but it isn’t all about the presents as I just love spending time with my family. I normally spend Christmas day with my mum and grandparents, then we go to a really close friends in the evening for fun and games. On Boxing Day I travel to my dads house where I spend the day and evening with him and my step-family, and we always have a great laugh together. So technically I suppose I have two Christmas Days? Well, I can’t complain!
  3. Good Food
    That’s right. We can all eat as much as we want and not feel guilty for one second as the excuse is always, It’s Christmas! I feel its the one time of the year where we can all sit and stuff our faces merrily drinking and not be judged at all, and it’s all thanks to Christmas. Cheers! 
  4. Holiday
    If you’re like me and work full time in an office, you will probably have a week or so off during the Christmas period. Yay! I always looks forward to my weeks off around Christmas, it’s a lovely break where I am able to celebrate with friend and family and also just chill out to the max. I never really have any time to relax and chill just myself so I always looks forward to a few days off to be able to do this.
  5. Snow
    Maybe, just maybe we will have a white Christmas. I always wish for this as I think it would be so picturesque and just how it should be like in all the movies, snow on Christmas day. But then I think how inconvenient it would be for travelling to my dads the next day, and I hate driving in the snow.
  6. Short Days/Long Nights
    For those of you who love sleep (like myself) will probably love this time of the year, where the days are short and the nights are long. I love night-time, so when I wake up on the weekend and it’s still dark outside I can easily stay in bed for another couple of hours. It isn’t so good when you have to get up for work in the dark though.
  7. Giving and Receiving
    I love giving presents out to all my family on Christmas day, I love seeing their face as they open it, or shake it to try and guess what’s inside. It’s a little thrill I have. I am normally the allocated person to sit by the Christmas tree and hand everything out one by one, and I love it. I also can’t complain about receiving on the other hand either!
  8. Telly
    Do you also always buy the Christmas guide for television around Christmas time? It’s like a tradition in my house. I look out for all the Christmas specials that they might air, and you can’t forget the Christmas films! Our SKY box is always packed with amazing Christmas shows we have recorded to watch during the holidays.
  9. Decorations
    Ahhh it’s so exciting getting all the Christmas decs down from the roof ready to put up again for another few weeks of December. I love putting all our Christmas decs around the house. Every year we will pick out a couple of new decorations for the house and add them to out collection. We normally always get a real tree too which I love going to a garden centre to help pick with my mum. It’s a tradition!
  10. Music
    I think I always start blaring out the Christmas tunes a little too early, but I don’t care. I love Christmas music! I find it always puts me in a really jolly mood and you can sing along without a care in the world. I love how everyone seems to know all the same Christmas songs too so you can always sing a long with your friend and family.
  11. Seasonal Drinks
    These are definitely my weakness. Costa and Starbucks seasonal drinks are my absolute favourite- I look forward too them every year. They also now have festive cups too, which is great for the perfect Instagram picture hehe. My personal favourite has to be the Gingerbread&Cream Latte from Costa at the moment, although it does change all the time.
  12. Shopping
    December is 100% the best month to shop in. There always seems to be amazing offers off in December before Chrismas, especially Black Friday where you can get some amazing discounts if you know where to find them. But it’s no just the offers, I love walking round the towns, and because it gets dark so early all the Christmas lights and decorations are one, it just feels so festive.
So there you have it, 12 reasons why we should all love December. Let me know why you love December, and if you love a different month then why? I’s love to know
Love always, G x
*Photo from letsllassothemoon.