My Favourite Winter Accessories

I don’t know if you have noticed, I definitely have. But is getting to the time of year where it just seems to be getting colder and colder. I mean this weekend we were threatened with snow. SNOW! It’s way too early for snow yet… But fortunately we didn’t get any. It’s not that I don’t like snow, I love it. It’s so pretty and fun to play around in. I just hate driving in it.
I am the kind of person that is cold all the time. I’m cold in winter and even in the summer! When we went to Vegas it was boiling outside, but as soon as we went inside somewhere I was freezing because of the air-con. I just can’t win.
As it’s getting colder, I thought I would share with you guys my favourite winter accessories for everyday as, if you’re like me and hate being cold, this may be quite useful to you.
Hot Water Bottle
I think I have had this hot water bottle cover since I was about 3 years old. I don’t really know how it is so intact still as I use it every year without fail. People have bought me other covers in the past but I will always pick this one out when I am feeling chilly. It probably sounds a little odd, but it makes me feel calm knowing I have ‘Pooh’.
Fluffy Dressing Gown
Ohhhh my goodness. This is the fluffiest, softest dressing gown I have ever felt. I got this for Christmas last year (Topshop) and it was one of my all time favourite presents. I live in this! It’s so cute also with the little ears on the hood. Whenever I am freezing and just can’t get warm, I always pop this on over the top of whatever I am wearing (most likely pyjamas) and it instantly warms me up. I don’t know how anyone could love without a fully dressing gown.
Fluffy Blanket
I bought this blanket from Primark not too long ago, it was only £12 which is incredible! The inside of this blanket feels just like my dressing gown, soft, cosy, fluffy, snuggly. The outside has a lovely pattern of different coloured squares all over, the colours are really neutral and warm toned which I think is great for winter time. If your still cold with you hot water bottle and dressing gown, why not add a fluffy blanket to the collection?!
I know candles don’t make you feel any warmer than normal. But there is something about them which makes me feel cosy and snug, which ends up making me feel warm inside. Maybe I am just looking for an excuse to include candles? They are the ultimate accessory for me in the winter, especially when it is stormy weather outside. I find them very therapeutic and calming. Just me?
Slippers/Fluffy Socks
Of course you need something warm on your feet in winter. I am a sucker for fluffy socks. I think at least one person will get my fluffy socks every Christmas, everyone knows how much I love them! I also normally get a new pair of slippers each year too. These ones I received with my dressing gown as they kind of match, but they are getting a bit old now. You will always find me wearing one of these two, or even both at the same time if it’s incredible chilly!
I never used to be the type of person who wore gloves, I was always a scarf kind of woman. But now the tables have turned as I am loving gloves and aren’ wearing as many scarves as I normally would. My hands get very chilly nearly all the time in winter and I just find a good pair of gloves make all the difference. I found this pair recently in Primark for only £8. They are super soft and fully inside, and the outside is a much thicker and firmer material to stop the cold from getting in. I take these everywhere with me now.
Roll Neck Jumper
I live in this jumper.I only bought it the other day from ASOS, I wasn’t sure about it at first but I have just gown to love it more and more. It’s the warmest, comfiest, cosiest jumper I own, and I really do live in it. I wear it when I can, and it actually looks really nice paired with jeans and a leather jacket. Smart but casual (and very warm) I love the neck on this jumper as there is no need to feel suffocated with the need of a scarf as it keeps your neck lovely and warm.
These are all my favourite accessories for the winter/chilly times of the year. What are your favourite essentials for this time, do we have the same?
Love always, G x