Take Note Ladies…

I am one of those people who think about every possible outcome that could happen, what I would do, what I would say. I am the worlds worst worrier, and I was just casually browsing the internet and came across this quote, take note ladies…(and myself)


Why do we do it? Why do we compare ourselves to others all the time when it makes us feel unhappy and insecure about ourselves? Jealousy doesn’t feel too great does it ladies?

I am definitely guilty of browsing Instagram and Tumblr and always find these beautiful, tall, slim, long haired girls with flawless skin and teeth. ( oh hey VS models )Hands up if it’s not just me?! When we see these kind of pictures we instantly think “Why don’t I look like that?” But I bet you 100%  that the person in the picture will hate something about themselves and find something that they love about you, visa versa. Nobody is perfect, but we are all beautiful.

Nobody should bring you down with their looks and beauty. Everyone is unique, and were unique for a reason. Otherwise the world would be a pretty boring place, right? You should take in someone else’s beauty and think to yourself, Yeah they are beautiful, but so am I. We’re just beautiful in different ways. 

I know it’s a lot easier said than done, but we have to try. Too many girls nowadays look at celebrities for example and think, that’s the way they have to look otherwise they won’t be accepted. Rubbish. I know i am guilty of this, and everyone gets jealous. But just remember, you are beautiful too and you have qualities that that celebrity may not have.

Us girls need to stick together, and not hate on each other and be jealous, but compliment and be confident.

Love always, G x