What I Have Learnt in 2015

What a year. I think that this year has most definitely been one of my most busy years ever. So much has happened and I have learnt so much this year it’s crazy! So let’s start form the beginning.

Straight after Christmas in January, I decided it was time to ditch my ‘first car’ and finally be able to have a car I feel proud of an enjoy driving. So I treated myself to an early birthday present, a MINI. MINI’s have always been my favourite car, even when I was little I wanted one. So I made it my mission to one day get one and I feel really proud of it and I treat it like it’s my baby.

Then in March I turned the big 21 years old. I spent a lot of time with my family and friends celebrating, I went out for a lovely meal, had a little family party and spent a day in London. It was lovely and I loved every second of it. I also got some lovely gifts which I am really grateful for. This leads me to the next big event…For my 21st birthday my boyfriend supposed me with a trip to Disneyland Paris. If you know how much I love Disney, you can imagine how happy I was! So we went on the trip in April and it was pretty amazing. I would really love to go back one day soon!

Then in August it was my boyfriends 21st birthday too, and we went out for a lovely meal. But the big surprise was that we were going to Las Vegas! It was a complete suppose for him and we managed to keep it quite for 8 months!!! So we then headed off to Las Vegas in September, and I still can’t really believe that we were actually there. Words can’t describe how amazing it was.

Also in August I had a very special day, my Dad and partner got married and I was so excited to be a bridesmaid with my two stepsisters. It was a magical day and I will never forget it!

Then in September it was my Mum’s 50th birthday, we had a lovely day together and went out for afternoon tea, yum!

So as you can say this year has been a pretty hectic one, with two amazing holidays and three special birthdays, and a family wedding! Its been one amazing year.

I feel I have learnt a lot this year, and a lot about myself too. This year I feel I have become a lot more confident in myself, with and around people and in different situations. I think that blogging and Youtube is the main reason and I love it. I hate being shy, and I finally feel like I am comfortable and confident with myself and who I am, and if anyone doesn’t like it, so what? The world would be a very boring place is everyone was the same, let’s spice it up a bit!

Friends come and go, family is forever. I have come to realise who my true and closest friends are. They understand what I love and want to do, even if they don’t like it themselves, they will support me. I can count on one hand my closest friends. I would rather that then have a million fake friends. My family is everything. Everyone has tough times with families, but I really cherish all the good and have so many amazing memories with them. Keep them close, they will always be behind you.

I have loved this year, but it’s safe to say I am excited for what 2016 brings, and also for a more relaxed, less busy year too! My motto for next year is


Have Courage and Be Kind

What have you learn from this year?

Love always, G x