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End of January Pick Me Ups

January always go way too slow. We have just had all the hype and buzz over Christmas, and overnight it just disappears. Literally. Payday always seems years away and the whole month is just a struggle. It’s cold, and when it’s cold it only means two things for me. Chapped lips and dry hands. January is definitely the month of overusing hand cream! But payday has just come, and I popped into town to treat my hair, I also decided to buy a few little treats for myself too, just a little pick me up for the end of the month. Besides, who can go into town and not buy any makeup?









 Okay, Okay, so I didn’t just buy make-up. I pick dup a few jewellery bits too. I am awful at jewellery! I normally go for the same necklace and bracelet every day, so I thought I need to spice it up a bit, and I am just in love with the rose gold bracelet I picked up!

Rose Gold Bracelet
 Gold Hoop Earrings
Sleek MakeUp Matte Me- Birthday Suit
Sleek MakeUp Precious Metals Highlighter Palette
MakeUp Revolution Contour Palette 

Here are the items that I picked up, for a little pick me up. I always go for make-up, and on this trip I fancied some jewellery. I would also most definitely normally go for some chocolate too, but I am trying to be good and healthy and all that! What are your go to pick me ups?

Love always G x