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My Essie Nail Polish Collection

I have recently only really just discovered Essie nail polishes. I know, where have I been? But it ws so hard to get my hands on them in the shops as the Boots & Superdrug near me have only just recently started stocking them, which I am now so happy about! It is no doubt that my favourite nail polish brand is Essie. I feel like they are aren’t too badly priced for £7 a pop, and because they are just totally amazing.








Although I only have 5 Essie polishes, it is safe to say I am a huge fan. I think the first polish that I purchased was Merino Cool, which is a dark purple shade with a hint of grey. It is the perfect colour for Autumn/Winter(which is when I purchased it) This is the nail polish that made me fall in love with Essie. My nails are the worst for splitting and chipping. If I paint my nails, I can guarantee that in a couple of hours at least one finger nail would be chipped. But with Essie I find that I can wear them for nearly a week without any chipping or splitting, which is a miracle for me! I had tried everything to stop my nails from being so weak, but I think Essie is the answer.

After I had one colour, I desperately needed more. So I think I had a couple as gifts and I bought the others myself. They are a great present as they also do gift sets too at a price of £12.99 for two shades, which I would personally love if I received it.

Merino Cool



Cocktail Bling



Hubby for Dessert



Splash of Grenadine 



Fifth Avenue



My favourite shade at the moment has to be Hubby for Dessert. It’s a gorgeous colour for Spring/Summer. The first coat is very see-through but once you have two or three coats on its a really pretty lilac/white colour. It’s gorgeous!

What are your favourite Essie nail polishes? I really want to make my collection bigger and better.

Love always, G x




  1. Melissa
    6th March 2016 / 4:19 pm

    Hubby For Dessert was definitely the one that caught my eye on this post, such a wearable colour for spring! I recently bought Bahama Mama which is a deep plum shade but I definitely need to branch out into the cooler toned colours 🙂

    The Modern Audrey

    • 6th March 2016 / 5:47 pm

      It’s a lovely colour, perfect for spring! Ahh I am going to take a look, I definitely want some more colours 🙂 thanks for reading xx

  2. 7th March 2016 / 12:25 pm

    Welcome to Essie Addicts Anonymous! 😀 I discovered Essie about a year ago and I am hooked now! I am still building my collection one bottle at a time. I have and love Merino Cool and Splash of Grenadine, I’ve just got Cocktail Bling too.

    I’m wearing Status Symbol today! Keep an eye on the Boots stock; they rotate in new shades and multipacks fairly often.

    Michelle -x-

    • 7th March 2016 / 12:45 pm

      Haha thank you!! I am really loving their collection and want to grow mine even more 🙂 ohh thank you for the tip! I’m going to check it out again soon. Thank you for reading xxx

  3. Lilli Ferreira
    9th March 2016 / 8:48 am

    ugh, i love essie nailpolishes! my favorite red is “really red”.

    x Lilli | http://www.LilliFerreira.com