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My New MUJI Storage





I used to think that beauty make-up storage never used to matter. Wow has that changed. Now my aim in life is to have the prettiest, whitest makeup storage I can get my hands on. So I am slowly making a start! For my birthday my best friend was very kind and bought me a set of the 2 draws set (wide) from MUJI. I have wanted these for quite a while but just never got round to buying them for myself. I have two of these, they fit perfectly to stack which is what I did. I just love the look of the acrylic and you can see all of your pretty products inside, because let be honest, when you buy high end makeup or makeup with pretty packaging, you don’t want to hide it do you?!

On the top of my MUJI storage, I thought it would be a nice idea to put some of my favourite perfumes which I can easily grab, it also looks really pretty! On the top I have Britney Spears-Curious, both of the Zoella Beauty spritz form her range and my absolute favourite, Bon Bon by Victor and Rolf.



The first draw I decided to keep my ‘face’ products. So for example I have a couple of foundations, primers, concealers, eye brighteners and my eyebrow pencils too. I also have in here my two Too Faced Melted Lipsticks as they are just too pretty and fit perfectly.


In the second draw, I have kept more of my ‘face’ products but these are more of my highlighters, blushers and bronzers. I think this draw is my favourite as I just love highlighters too much!


The third draw down is my ‘eye’ draw. In here I keep my mascaras, eyeliners, and favourite single eyeshadows. If you’re looking for a little pallets with neutral and smokey shades then I really suggest the Smashbox Full Exposure palette. It’s tiny so is great for travelling and it has the shades you need for day and night, it’s one of my favourites.


Now, I wasn’t too sure what to put in my final draw as all of my lipsticks and lip products are in another type of storage, which I am looking at changing soon. But I decided to put in here my two favourite eyeshadow palettes. The Urban Decay Naked palette id probably the first proper high end palette that I had bought and I loved it. This has been very well loved. The Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon palette is a new addition to my collection, as you can see it’s still in the box! This doesn’t mean I haven’t used it thought. I don’t know if anyone else does this but I keep my new pro cuts in the packaging for a few weeks even if I am using it. Just me? I love this palette so so much and was such a great buy as I use it almost everyday now.


The products that I keep in these MUJI draws are my everyday favourites, I also have more makeup just kind of chucked in a box under my bed! My dream is to some day get the Alex draws from IKEA which every blogger/YouTuber seems to have, but they look so perfect to store your beauty products in. I am currently saving up for a flat and I am just dreaming of how I will organise my beauty products. Oh how I love Pinterest!


How do you organise your makeup and beauty?

Love always, G x