Soap and Glory Skincare Review


I used to be one of those really bad beauty bloggers as I hardly ever used moisturiser on my face. I know I know, it’s so bad! But ever since I watched one of Meg’s favourite’s videos,(Meg’s Channel) she featured the Soap and Glory Speed Plump moisturiser. Meg really really praised this moisturiser as one of the best she has ever used and would repurchase it. That was it, I wan’t to try it out. So I took a trip to Boots to pick myself up a tub, and while I was there something else caught my eye also from Soap and Glory, and it was the Puffy Eye Attack for dark circle under the eyes so I picked that up also. I have now been using both of these products for a couple of weeks so I thought I would tell you guys what I think about them.

Speed Plump Moisturiser




The thing I love most about this moisturiser and what makes it that little bit different is that it isn’t a cream or gel, it’s a mousse. It is made for tired, dry and dehydrated skin which is perfect for me as I always seem to be tired and am probably dehydrated. It is made with ‘amazing bubble boost technology’ which gives it the mousse like texture to it.

I am really loving this moisturiser at the moment as I find it really hydrates my skin, and leaves it feeling smooth and fresh. I apply it before I get into bed to hydrate my skin overnight, then in the morning my skin feels fresh and ready for the day.

I am definitely going to keep using this moisturiser as it it working wanders for me. I have never really heard much about this product before Meg mentioned it and I don’t think people are aware of just how good it is. Please go and pick it up here and let me know what you think.

Puffy Eye Attack




I have been reading review after review trying to find a good under eye cream that will reduce my dark circles. Everyone I found and read, felt nice on the skin but didn’t work on the dark circles. When I popped to boots I saw this next to the moisturiser and had to pick it up and give it a go.

This eye cream is more of a gel formula, you need only a tiny bit to rub into your under eye area. Straight away you can feel it working. It’s very cooling and can sometimes have a tingly effect which I personally quite like. I apply it before I get into bed at night, or you can apply it in the morning too whichever you prefer. This is for all skin types and has a turbo-boost hydragel which helps fight the dark circles and puffiness.

I am always a bit curious and cautious with these types of products to see if they actually work or are just a waste of money. The positives are, I find that in the morning my eyes look a lot more brightening and I don’t actually look half asleep for once. I can’t work out if this is because it is actually reducing my under eye circles or because they still feel really cool from the gel when I applied it. Either way it’s a really great positive about the product as the whole point of it is to make you feel more awake and less puffy eyed and half asleep. Perfect. The only downside I think to this product is that it doesn’t have the best smell. But I mean, you’re not putting it anywhere near your nose so you can’t even smell it unless, for some reason you want to put it around your nose? You can purchase this here.

Overall, I am really pleased with these two products and I don’t think that Soap and Glory products are given enough credit as they aren’t talked about very much. I think they are a really great drug store skincare range and definitely worth a lot more praise.

What do you think about these products?

Love always, G x