What I Bought In Brighton


Last week to celebrate my Birthday me and my boyfriend decided to take a trip to Brighton. We stayed for one night and we had such a great time! You can read about our time there here.

I did do al little bit of sneaky shopping whilst we were there, because, why not?! We didn’t realise how good the shopping was in Bright, we were really impressed and would suggest going if you’re near. So the first thing I bought was from a shop called Tiger, and it’s only something a bit silly. But I bought a little film board (I am not exactly sure what they are called!) which came with some chalk which I thought was super cute as I was able to write on it myself, and felt like I would be in the Hollywood Studios, I wish! But I love this and think it is a little bit of fun, it was only £3 so I thought why not.


I was then really excited as I found Oliver Bonas. I have been shopping online on Oliver Bonas for a little while now and loved the website. So when I found the shop I was super excited and had to buy something. So I bought a cute little dish which I thought would be perfect to make my blog/instagram picture all pretty. It is in an oval shop, half was pale pink and the other had gold speckles on it, I love it! This was only £12.

Next stop, MAC. Ugh oh! I think my boyfriend was a bit worried when we walked in as it’s quite dangerous on the bank account. But I think I was quite sensible really!

The first thing I picked up was this Warm Soul blush/bronzer from the Mac Mineralize section. This is the most gorgeous colour to make you look like you have a natural glow. It is slightly shimmery, which I love as it kind of adds a subtle hint of highlight too.



Then I found this gorgeous gorgeous duo eyeshadow. This is also from the MAC mineralise section (which I am loving) and is in the colour Dual Rays. I love this eyeshadow duo so much. The pinky/beige colour is perfect for an everyday look, and the champagne shimmer is lovely to add a bit of sparkle, but I will probably wear both everyday as I love a bit of sparkle.



We stumbled across a shopping presink which had a KIKO shop, and I was excited about this as the closed KIKO shop from me at home is about an hour away, so of course I dragged my boyfriend in their too.

The first thing that cough my eye was this long lasting wet & dry eyeshadow, and I bought this in the shade 201- which is like a really pale/nude champagne colour. I am yet to try this one out but i have heard a lot about them. You can use the shadow as a dry shadow, but you can also wet your makeup brush a little bit and use it as a cream eyeshadow, which I think is a brilliant idea! I love cream eyeshadows, especially for a base colour. It’s great that you can chose which way you want it but have the same colour.



I also picked up one of the KIKO Smooth Temptation lipstick in the shade 02, which is a gorgeous pink colour. This was kind of an impulse buy and am yet to try this out also. But they are really pigmented andlooks long lasting so I am excited to try this out!



The next purchase is proberly my favourite purchase. This is the Hourglass ambient lighting blush in Dim Infusion. I have been lustong over the Hourglass ambient lighting powders forever now, and we stumbled across Space NK and they had a counter and I just couldn’t resist. I was a bit unsure about ordering one online as I wanted to get the perfect colour. I love this shade. Its a really light peach, shimmer and I am so excited to wear this in the summer as I think it will look gorgeous! I will definitely be doing a blog post all about this product once I have tried it out properly so keep an eye out for that.

IMG_0456 IMG_0459

The last thing I bought it something a bit different. I had been a couple of Youtubers with these light up words in their backgrounds and always thought, wow that’s cool, I wander where they got that from?! Low and behold I found one in a random little bits shop in the lanes. They had a black and white one or one with the coloured letter, like I have. You get the light and loads of little letters in different colours. You can make the words up and have it say whatever you want too. I love this as I think it is so quirky and personal as you can make it suit you. I have it at the moment with ‘GemsBlogStorey’ as that is my blog and youtube name. But hopefully when me and my boyfriend move out, we can have it on show saying ‘Ryan and Gemma’ or something like that which I think it really cute.

IMG_0471 IMG_0473

So that was everything I bought in Brighton, Ryan bought a few bits too so I wasn’t just dragging him round the shops! I really recommend Brighton for shopping as they have the main town and the lanes which has a lot of quirky shops too.

Love always, G x