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Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream


After hearing so much about the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream I decided to finally pick one up for myself to try. The Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream is basically a clear/sheer cream which can be used for all kinds of things from dried lips to applying to your scars and blemishes. I bought the original fragranced product, which does have a really strange scent to it, some people love it, and some people will definitely hate it. I don’t mind it either way, it doesn’t really bother me but it also isn’t the nicest smelling scent in the world.


I mostly use this cream on my lips as I can suffer sometimes from really dry lips. This is amazing for dry lips. There is no lip balm out there that makes my lips feel as soft as this product does. I will usually apply it just as I am about to get to sleep so I can let the cream really sink into my skin. In the morning it is like I have a new pair of amazing smooth pair of lips. I also find that it really helps to apply whatever product I am going to wear on my lips that day, especially for liquid lipsticks.


I have also used this product when I had a bad cold. Isn’t it horrible when you keep blowing your nose it goes all dry and cracked around your nostrils?! Not anymore with this product. I just pop a little pea sized amount around my nose and it just helps to smooth out the dryness and cracks that make it sore.

It can be used for many other things also that you wouldn’t really think off. For example I know a few people who have put a tiny bit of this product into the ends of their hair to tame the frizz and fly away hairs, which really works and didn’t make its look greasy at all. It also works for your little fly away eyebrow hairs too, so that’s a great tip.
Another tip I love, is to add just a tiny bit to the top of your cheek bones to add a little bit of highlight and glowyness to your look which is perfect for summer (if we will ever have one).

This product is definitely a must have for my handbag as it is multi purpose, and could possibly save you from a bad frizzy hair day.

It may be quite pricey to some people as it retails at £27, but every penny is worth it with the amount it can be used for, and you also get loads of product which lasts a really long time.


What do you think of this product?

Love always, G x



    • 17th July 2016 / 4:35 pm

      It’s really is amazing! I would definitely recommend buying. Thank you for reading xx