My Favourite TV Series to Binge-Watch on Netflix

I would say that over the past year, I have been completely addicted to Netflix. I have a Smart TV and Apple TV, but all I ever watch is Netflix (and YouTube videos of course). I will normally be watching about 3 different series at a time, but it’s okay because one will be on once a week, one I watch when I am with my boyfriend and another I can watch when I am on my own having a bit of me time. It is most definitely one of my favourite things to do. I just sit back, relax and get totally mesmerised by whatever it is I am watching at that moment in time. So I go and make myself an iced caramel latte, sit back and enjoy.


Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is the TV series that I definitely watch by myself, I don’t think that my boyfriend would be very thrilled if I made him watch this. I know Gossip Girl is now quite an old series but I never got into the hype, I am now 4 seasons in and absolutely loving it. The main thing I love is where it’s set, New York! New York is one of my favourite places ever, and to think i’ve sat on the steps is a great feeling. One of my life motto’s in life is, What would Blair Waldorf Do?. 

Pretty Little Liars

Ah, what can I say. I am so caught up with this series that I have to wait for a new episode every week, which I think adds to the excitement! This one I watch with my boyfriend. I know, I know, a bit girly you may think? But I actually think it is quite dark and freaky at the moment. I actually have the boxsets 1-4 too, just incase they ever decide to take it down from Netflix (which would be the worst thing ever). I just love who the girls are all so close and I love seeing their friendships. Let;s be honest they are squad gaol right there.

American Horror Story

I don’t think this is everybody cup of tea. I watch this one with my boyfriend as it’s a little bit too freaky to watch on my own. This is the series that we are watching the most at the moment. After we watched the first episode, we were led thinking, what the hell was that?! It was so freaky, weird and just sick in the head. But it left you wanting to watch more which we loved. Once you get to know the general just of the stories and know what’s going on- it won’t be that weird to you anymore. 

The Vampire Diaries

Ah, how I miss this programme. This is the first series that we watched and have finished. We are just waiting until the 7th season airs on Netflix (anytime soon would be amazing!) This is definitely the series for you if you love teenage love, drama and thriller all mixed into one. Also if you haven’t fallen in love with Damien by the end of series 6, then what is wrong with you?! I think I will always love The Vampire Diaries. 

Once Upon a Time

If you are a Disney fan, you need to watch this. I can only describe this as ‘Disney with a twist‘ It has all your favourite characters you could ever think of, even the newer ones like Anna and Elsa. But the stories are very different where the characters are trapped between two worlds. This programme isn’t as light hearted as you would think, it also had a very dark and mysterious side too, so keep watching.

Those 5 TV series are what I have been loving the most on Netflix. Of course everyone prefers different shows but if you think you’re anything like me, then I would definitely recommend you to check these ones out. I just want to add another TV series I am absolutely loving, which isn’t on Netflix (it definitely should be on there) and that is Game of Thrones. Oh my goodness, what a programme! Season 7 has only just finished and I am a little sad that I have to wait aaaages for another episode.

What are your favourite shows to binge-watch?

Love always, G x


  1. 6th July 2016 / 2:34 pm

    I loved this! I’ve also watched gossip girl and pretty little liars, but am definitely looking into some more to watch! I’m currently watching Jane the Virgin if you’ve ever seen it? x

    • 6th July 2016 / 5:35 pm

      Ah I love those two so much, I’ve never heard of that one. I will try and give it a go as I’m always looking for more to watch haha! xx