Clarice House Spa Day


When your friend is a member of a luxury spa and they have a ‘friend day’ where they can take a friend for free, and they ask you, how can you resist?
Clarice House is a spa facility and is part of Bannatyne Group. There are three that I know of, in Bury St Edmunds, Colchester, and Ipswich.

I had been to Clarice House once before for a spa treatment, which was so lush and amazing but it was also so long ago. It was equally just as relaxing just going for a spa day too.
As soon as we walked into the reception area for the spa, we were greeted by a really lovely young girl who told us everything we needed to know, and she was just super helpful and friendly.


The spa area is very secure to get into. Every member had their own unique code to be able to enter, so of course I was given my own unique code, just for the one day. Once in we headed straight down to the changing rooms to get ready for an afternoon of relaxing.

The changing rooms were very big and spacious, with little pods that you can go in to get changed without having the worry of flashing to anyone, which no-one wants. They were also very clean and didn’t feel dirty at all, which is a massive bonus as some changing rooms you go into really are a dirty mess.


Once you enter the spa, you first see the main swimming pool which can be used to do lengths and I think they might even do classes in that area too. There is also a really lovely floor to ceiling window which looks out in the gardens of Clarice House so it’s just a really lovely view for when you’re relaxing. Around the pool there are a lot of beds with really comfy cushions. Who else hates the beds that have no cushions?! ew. These are very luxurious and super comfy, also very easy to fall asleep on.


Once you go a bit further in past the main pool, you will see another smaller pool with jacuzzi jets down one side, and also some massage waterfalls the other. This is where we really spent most of our time. The jacuzzi jets are just so relaxing and soothing on your body. We must have sat here in the same place for about an hour before moving on. Next to this there is also a smaller jacuzzi, which is really lovely, but I do feel that this was a bit squashed into the corner of the room. But apart form that, super relaxing.

There are also 3 rooms that include a sauna, a steam room and a relaxation room. I think we weren’t into the sauna first, but it was so hot that we could hardly walk on the floor. I think we were in there for about 3 minutes max, we’re such hardcore! I am so bad when it comes to saunas and steam rooms. I think we were in the steam room probably a minute less or something…just can’t deal. BUT…We took full advantage of the pool with the jets and the jacuzzi, which is what we really went for.


Clarice House also do really amazing beauty treatments and spa packages if that it something that you would prefer doing, They also have an awesome gym and have classes going on all the time.

You can contact them here

We had a really lovely few hours in the spa, just catching up as hadn’t seen my friend in a while so it was so nice to see her and just have a massive chat, also without the distraction of mobile phones. Clarice House Spa was gorgeous and just had a really lovely atmosphere. We also went on a Saturday afternoon and really wasn’t that busy at all, so it was just the most perfect Saturday afternoon of relaxation.

What do you like most about spa days?

Love always, G x