Nighttime Skincare Secrets

I have recently been thinking that I need to up my skincare routine, for a long while I used to just use make-up wipes on my face and that was it. I know what your thinking – ew gross.


I have recently been introduced to a few products by Clarins which have made me want to change my skincare routine so much. I was very kindly invited to the Clarins BeautyBAR in Lakeside to have a treatment done, so I ended up having a Skincare Workout. This meant the beauty therapist would see which areas needed attending the most and giving me advice on how to properly maintain healthy skin. The treatment was just gorgeous, and the products were amazing. It really made me feel that I needed to take better care of my skin, and by having a Skincare Workout, I now know which products I should and shouldn’t be using.

IMG_1179 IMG_1178

The first two products which are now an essential in my skincare routine are the Clarins Toning Lotion and Cleansing Milk. I use the cleansing milk first to remove my makeup. While you are massaging this into your skin, you can feel how soft it is and the makeup easily slides off without having to rub really hard with a harsh wipe. You can even massage this onto your eyes and it removes eye makeup like a dream. I am so glad I have discovered this cleansing milk, it just like a bit of luxury on your skin, and you can feel it working.
Once I have taken this off, your skin feels so delicate and smooth. To make your skin feel even more smooth I use an exfoliator. This is the Clarins  Gentle Refiner exfoliatorI probably use this product twice a week, as it really helps to clear out your pores and any deep dirt that may be in your skin. You just need to massage this gently into the skin and rise off with warm water. Once you’ve done this, I promise you, your skin will feel as soft as a baby bottom! 


Once the first two steps are complete, I will then go over my face with the Toning Lotion which tightens my pores and leaves my skin feeling really fresh and clean. I love using a toner at the end of the day, it makes my skin feel so fresh. I also use  PIXI Glow Tonic a lot as I love the scent of the Aloe vera, which I know not everyone is a fan off, but I just love it.

Last but not least, I will just use the Clarins  Eye Contour Gel before I get into bed, and I sometimes will use it in the mornings too to brighten up my eyes. I take a pea sized amount on each eye and massage it in and around my eye area. I use press and release movements whilst doing this as it really helps the blood flow around your eye area.


I am so grateful to be invited to the Clarins BeautyBAR otherwise I probably wound’t have discovered these amazing products. They are definitely a huge part of my nighttime skincare routine and I can see them being used for a very long time.

What is your nighttime skincare routine like?

Love always, G x




  1. 28th August 2016 / 6:26 am

    I’ve always thought about going to someone for skin advice as I’ve always just known myself to have oily skin so whenever I buy products I always go for oil free and mattifying! This post has definitely inspired me 🙂
    Kathy x

    • 28th August 2016 / 9:45 pm

      I really recommend going someone like the beautyBAR so you know exactly what your skin needs, it has really helped me 🙂 I now enjoy doing my skincare routine!

      Thank you for reading, I’m glad it’s helped:) xxx