Clarins BeautyBAR

I am not one usually to go and get a treatment done. But when I was invited to the new BeautyBAR at Clarins in, intu Lakeside I jumped at the chance.



All I knew before arriving was that I was having one treatment done, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I was a silly billy as I didn’t think to bring any of my own make-up with me for after the treatment- oops!

Once I arrived at Clarins, I was very kindly welcomed by one of the staff members. My beauty therapist then greeted me and introduced herself. She seemed very polite and professional straight away. She asked me all about my skin, what type of skin I have and what kind of products I use at home. She then went through the different treatments they offered, and recommended the ‘Skin Workout’ as this would give me the best benefited I need for my skin.

She started first with using a cleanser which would gently remove any face and eye make-up by massaging it into my skin. I was a bit worried at first when she applied this over my eyes as I wear contact lenses all the time, but as she was explaining the product, she also said it is super safe to use it with contacts, so this product is totally perfect for me.


I then had an exfoliator applied and this was massaged into my skin clearing my pores and really cleaning my skin. This was recommended to use twice a week as it can be quite intense on your skin.
My beauty therapist really spent a lot of time massaging these products into my skin and making me feel totally relaxed-which you think would be difficult when they are located in the middle of a busy department store. I said to her, I could have easily fallen asleep!

She used a few more products which felt so luxurious on my skin. I especially loved the idea of the eye gel she used on me, as I suffer with quite big dark circles around my eyes. I would say I spent about half an hour in the treatment chair which just flew by as I felt so relaxed and fresh afterwards.

After the treatment, she went through everything she used on me and what she recommended the most for me to use at home. She also very kindly gave me a couple of samples to try. I will definitely be using some of the products she used on me on a daily basis as my skin had never felt so smooth and fresh before.

As I was silly and forgot to bring my make-up with me, they sent me to one of the Clarins beauty counters to have my face made up again, and make me feel human again! The woman who helped me was very friendly and definitely know what she was talking about. She asked me how I wanted my make-up to look- I just wanted a natural look, as I was going for a little shop afterwards. I loved the whole look that she did on me and went away with a long wishlist and a big smile on my face.


I loved my experience at the Clarins BeautyBAR, and would highly recommend anyone to go there as you can get a lot more knowledge about what you should be using on your skin. The Clarins team made me feel very welcome and so relaxed and chilled, as sometimes those sort of places make me feel a bit nervy! But not at the BeautyBAR.

Thank you Clarins!
Have you ever been to the Clarins BeautyBAR?


Love always, G x


  1. charlotte samantha
    11th September 2016 / 3:56 pm

    This sounds amazing!! Ive never had any treatments to my face but definitely fancy treating myself to one!


    • 11th September 2016 / 5:47 pm

      It was a lot better than I ever thought it would be, you should give it a try! 🙂 xx