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Autumn Lip Picks



L-R Mac Chili, Mac Sin, Rimmel 30, Bobbi Brown Slopes, Maybelline 978 Burgundy Blush, Tanya Burr Berry Picking.

I have been so excited to write this post, because this year my autumnal lips collection has branched out and I have made so many new discoveries which I am loving. Also, last year I was a bit shy to wear the darker lip colours, but this year I am totally embracing it and I can’t wait to wear the berries and dark colours.

I have a mixture of drugstore and high end products which I think you guys will really like.

Mac – Chili

Mac Chili is really new to my collection, but I had wanted this to buy in town the other day, but they had sold out (which told me it was really popular) This made me want it even more so I quickly went online when I got home to order it.

For Autumn I am really loving the matte shades, they are long lasting and just have the greatest finish to them. Chill is a matte finish shade, and I would describe the colour as a rust, burnt orange tone. It is perfect for autumn and especially if you prefer the more orange/red toned shades too.

Mac – Sin


I bought Mac Sin when I was ordering Chili, it was on a bit of a whim actually. I hadn’t really heard much about this shade before, but I liked the look of it online and it is a matte finish to it, which I love so I thought I would take a risk and order it. Oh my, I am so glad that I did order it! This is the perfect Autumn shade (I will probably say that about every one of these lipsticks) It is one of those dark berry colours which everyone loves. I don’t know why people aren’t raving about this one as I love it and definitely needs hyping up! I’m really glad I have discovered this one.

Rimmel London – 30


I kind of wish that Rimmel London used names on their colours than numbers as that would be so much more fun. But oh well, it doesn’t matter because this shade is just gorgeous. This shade is more of a purple tinted berry colour which is perfect if you aren’t into the really darker colours, you can go for something like this which is a brighter dark colour, if that makes any sense? This lippy isn’t a matte finish, but I think it suits the colour well.

Bobbi Brown – Slopes


This shade is one of my first darker tones lipsticks I ever bought, which was a bit risky as it is quite a high end brand. But I can tell you I was not disappointed. When I wore this last year, I had so many compliments on my lip colour which just made me love it even more. This is more of a darker nude shade which I love so much. Again this one is not matte, but it’s not quite sheer either, it’s sort of in the middle? I will definitely be getting this lipstick out a lot this Autumn.

Maybelline – 978 Burgundy Blush


This is a fairly new purchase too actually, again because it is a matte shade and a dark shade so I instantly thought – autumn. This shade is a massive dupe of Mac Sin, so if you think you would like that shade, you can always go and get this one just to make sure you like it and it is half the price. I am personally really glad that I have both of these lipsticks, even though they are basically the same colour. It just means that I obviously love this shade and will get a lot of wear out of them, that’s my thinking anyway!

Tanya Burr – Berry Picking


This lip product is actually a lip gloss and not a lipstick, which is quite something for me as I am not really a lipgloss kind of girl. I much prefer to wear a lipstick. But this is probably the only lipgloss that I will wear  in the Autumn/Winter as the colour is so pigmented. I find a lot of lip glosses are really glossy (obviously) but they don’t have a lot of colour in them. But this product, and shade especially really show up on your lips and is a dark berry colour, just like it says on the name. I am so impressed with this product and will definitely be wearing this one a lot throughout the colder months.


What are you favourite Autumn lipsticks?

Love always, G x