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The Perfect Autumnal Eyeshadow Palette



I have been searching for the perfect Autumn eyeshadow palette for a couple of weeks now. I have seen a few online which I was lusting over but I just wasn’t complete sure about them, although I do secretly still want to buy them! Until I took little trip to Supeordrug, just to take a look around (she says) and in the corner of my eye, I noticed Sleek Makeup had a new range called The Rockstar Collection Hidden Gems. The eyeshadow palette caught my eye straight away and all I thought was Autumn. It was perfect so I grabbed it straight away.



This eyeshadow palette is called the i-LLust palette and is so perfect for Autumn. The packaging itself is great. It has a gem/diamond effect pattern on the packaging which is just gorgeous.

There are 6 different colours to the palette, and what I love about it is that the colours don’t go with each other at all. They are all a glitter effect which really simplifies the Rockstar Collection name. I think my favourite shades from this palette and the ones I will get the most use out of are Amber City (Golden), Ruby Tuesday (Rosegold/pink) and Diamond Dust (Silver). All of the colours are gorgeous and just so Autumnal which is what really drew me in. I can see the shades working really well with any look that you are going for, but are probably not suitable for an everyday look. I would wear these mostly at the weekend or f I am going out anywhere and want my makeup to stand out. They are really great for Autumn and Winter and I cannot wait to try out some looks with these.



img_1504 img_1505 img_1506


They are super pigmented and the simmer really stands out with the colour which is great.  You can even build up the colour for a more dramatic look, so if you want a more neutral look you can also do that too which I think is perfect for just a hint of shimmer.


I am so glad I picked this palette up, I can see myself using this a lot this Autumn/Winter. I have been really impressed recently with he Sleek Makeup eyeshadow palettes, infant they are probably one of my favourite drug store brands! What’s your favourite product form Sleek?

img_1509What is your go-to Autumnal eyeshadow palette? What do you make of this one? You can grab the palette here and certainly suggest you do go and check it out, it’s perfect for this time of year!

Love always, G x