Zoella Lifestyle Picks


As soon as Zoe announced that she was having this new range called Zoella Lifestyle. I knew for a fact I had to get my hands on everything. She made a really exciting video about an apartment that was decorated head to toe in the new Zoella products, I mean it was so pretty I could have easily volunteered to live there. But in this apartment she showed off all her new products and everyone was going crazy for them. If you know me, and probably any other blogger out there. You will know how much we all love rose gold and marble, Zoe delivered, and she delivered good. Most of her new range the products are cooper and marble, which we all swooned at. There is also a hint of a coral/neon orange colour too which just makes it that much more perfect, the contrast of these colour really do match so well.

As I was placing my order on Superdrug, straight away I noticed that a lot of the products were sold out, so you really have to get your hand on them fast, but I am sure they will seen be back in stock, so don’t worry too much if you haven’t got your hands on something yet.

I knew straight away that I would be after one of Zoe’s new candles. She had bought out a variety of scents so there is definitely something for everyone. I opted for her fragrance called Lazy Days. To me, this candle sounded like the perfect scent to light on a lazy Sunday. To be honest, most of my Sunday’s are lazy days so this was perfect for me. I love the packaging of the candles, the box kind of opens out to show a image which corresponds to the candle. So in this case, it showed Zoe’s legs with fluffy socks, a cushion and a nice big cosy blanket- the perfect lazy day.


Something else I knew I really wanted from the range was her storage pots. You got two pots which are in the shape of plant pots, one is a copper colour and one is marble. They both have really cute little quotes on which I absolutely love.The copper one says ‘Blooming Marvellous’ and the marble one says ‘Pick Me’. I just thought these were super cute to store little things in or hold make-up brushes in, and they are copper and marble. You can’t go wrong with that hey.


The next thing I picked up is from her stationary range. I am one of those girls who loves stationary. Any kind of stationary and I am all over it like a rash. So I decided to pick up Zoe’s notebook. The notebook is a really good size, I would say it is A5 size?(please don’t quote me on that, I am awful with sizes). But anyway, I think it’s a really good size for what you need. The cover of the notebook is not the sort of fabric I thought it would be, I was actually really shocked. But pleasantly surprised as the material of the fabric is like a really soft faux leather feel. It’s gorgeous and feels so luxurious. Then embossed on the front in a copper foil it says ‘Once upon a time…’ and when you turn it over, the back says “The end…’ Which I think it just so minimalistic and adorable. Inside the notebook there are a couple of marble pages (perfect right?!) But then the pages are just lined but through the book there are a few pages with quotes on. This is such a clever idea just to help us keep going and keep our chin up to make us really motivated with what we love doing.



The last thing I picked up from Zoe’s collection, isn’t actually from her lifestyle range. It’s one of the sets which she has put together for Christmas. I know what you’re thinking, what does this have to do with her lifestyle range? I know it’s a bit more off topic, but I couldn’t resist, so I had to pick up her Secret Scenta gift set. This set includes all of Zoe’s body spritz scents which are Blissful Mistful, Lets Spritz, Sweet Inspirations and Bake my day. The only scent I didn’t own was the new Bake my day fragrance which she has recently bought out for Christmas, this smells just like gingerbread men, what more could you want form a Christmas mist?! So the only reason I picked this up was because they are mini. I love anything in mini form, and as I love the body mists so much in normal size (45ml) I definitely had to have the minis (15ml).
They are the perfect size to pop into your handbag to top up on your spritz!




I really love the Zoella Lifestyle range and I know a lot of other people who love it also. I definitely want to pick up a lot more of her range such as the cushion, reed diffuser, pencils and more candles!

If you love anything that’s marble or copper, I am sure you will love it too.

Love always, G x