A Perfect Cosy Christmas Evening

There is nothing I love more than a cosy evening, especially a Christmassy one! Everything seems so much more cosy in December. So I thought I would put together a few of my favourite essentials for a cosy Christmas evening.  Staying in, is definitely the new going out, and I am trying to make staying in just as amazing as a night out would be. Just a lot more cosier and warmer.


Candles – You can’t have any cosy evening without a camera, but as it is December time, you have to have a festive candle. At the moment I have been burning one of my favourite candles ever, it’s from John Lewis and is called Winter Spice. It has the most adorable packaging ever. It’s rose gold stars. Rose Gold Stars. If you have ever smelt Winter by The White Company, it basically smalls just like that, which is also another one of my winter faves.

Pyjamas – You can’t go wrong with a par of cosy Christmas pyjamas. I have these really cute pyjama bottoms from Primark, they are so soft and have reindeer all over them, so they are super festive! I think everyone have those Pj’s that are the ultimate novelty pyjamas. 

Christmas Films – Ah my favourite! I love it when it’s finally acceptable to get the collection of Christmas films out. I have a really wide selection from, Elf, to The Nightmare before Christmas, to Barbie and the Nutcracker ( don’t judge, this was my childhood christmas film!) I don’t think anything can make you more festive than a Christmas film.


Snacks –  A cosy evening in s not complete without snacks. Some of my favourites are definitely popcorn, chocolate, those big time of Quality Street are my favey. 

Fairy Lights – I use fairy lights all year round, not just for Christmas. But I do think they are even more effective at Christmas time. They make you feel super cosy, and they are also really pretty to have around your house. I would have my house covered in them if I was allowed!

What are you cosy Christmas evening essentials? I think tonight I am going to watch a Christmas film, but what one? Hmm..



Love always, G x