I’m joining Results with Lucy

After Christmas, we all want to get in shape and get fit and healthy again. So after getting in touch with the lovely ladies at Results with Lucy, they very kindly offered me to join one of their programmes and review my story and how I found it. So I’ve done it, I have signed up to the Class of 2017 programme.

I am normally the type of girl who starts a plan or diet, and will give up in a months time, then put on all the weight I ever lost, which is really depressing. So as I am writing and reviewing my experience of this plan on my blog, it will motivate me so much more to stick with it, especially as I really want to see a difference.

The Class of 2017 programme is a year long membership (I know scary, a year!). The plan is set up into three sections, Phase 1 – New Beginnings, Phase 2 – Wobble to Model, and Phase 3 – HIIT Harder. As you can tell the plan starts of for beginners, and it will make you work your way up to get harder and harder, which should equal in better results.

As I am a new member, I thought I would sign up for the goodie bag, which looks amazing and has everything you need for this plan. The goodie bag includes:

  • Menu planner & pen
  • 2KG dumbbells
  • Resistance band
  • Exercise mat
  • Skipping rope
  • Measuring tape

Once you are signed up and have your own account, you have your very own homepage on the RWL website. You can get notifications for support, upload inspiring pictures, or even the pictures you don’t want to look at, but can compare them at the end of the plan. 

What I love most about the RWL website, is there are hundreds of different recipes and workout videos for you to flick through. There is a guidline of what you should probably be eating and how often to workout etc, but I love the fact you can pick any of these and you are still within the plan. So within the Class of 2017 plan, you have a guideline of what you should be eating and how often you should do a little workout at home, which is what these little videos are for. It really helps you to understand that this isn’t a diet, but more of what you should and shouldn’t be eating and how often. Some of the recipes look amazing and they include dinners, desserts (who knew there could be desserts that are good for you?!) and even smoothies and oat bowls. There is so much choice!

You also get a guideline of what meals you should eat, avoid and have once in a blue moon at certain restaurants like, Nando’s, Prezzo, Costa, Pizza Express etc. I love this idea. When I used to be on other diets, I used to hate eating out as I had absolutely no idea what I could and couldn’t eat in the restaurants. So this little guideline is perfect and will make me feels much better knowing what I can and shouldn’t eat out.

I can’t wait to start this plan on 1st Feb, and I can’t wait to see my plans and start planning my meals and workouts for the weeks ahead.
I plan to write a little review and update after each section of the plan, to keep you informed with how I’m feeling and if I can see any changes at all.
Of course I am going to be writing down all my measurements and weight at the beginning, which you are not allowed to see! Until the end, maybe, if it’s worked! You can visit the RWL webpage here

I’m excited to share my experience and journey, see you next time!

Love always, G x




  1. 28th January 2017 / 5:30 pm

    I’ve heard so many good things about this program and I definitely want to join !! Can’t wait to read about your journey with them
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