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Valentines with EGO

Valentines day is coming up, and wether you’re spending it with your other half, or your mates, you definitely need to wear the perfect shoes. So I have got you covered!

Wether you and your partner are having a chilled movie night together, or if you’re going all out for a meal and cocktails. EGO shoes will have the perfect pair of shoes for you.

If you’re a lot like me, you’ll love a chilled evening with your loved one. A night in, cuddled up with a box of chocolates with your favourite film, is complete bliss if you ask me.

As staying in isn’t so fancy, but you want to still look the part. How about some fancy flat shoes? These black pom pom mules might be perfect for you.

love these cute littles shoes so much. I feel like they make the perfect ‘staying in’ outfit. These shoes, with a pair of jeans and a nice top – is the perfect look. Not too fancy, but not like you haven’t made an effort. It is Valentines day after all?! You can pick these gorgeous little mules up here.  If you would like to look at the other flat hoes EGO have, you can find them at http://ego.co.uk/flats.html

If you prefer to look a little more fancy, a little different, why not try these Ariana strappy sandals.

These heels are so gorgeous and go with every outfit possible (Because they are perspex!) Who ever thought of having clear perspex heels? I love the heel of this shoe, I’ve never seen anything like it before and think it looks so classy. The clear straps are also extremely comfy, so you can party the night away without worrying that they will be uncomfortable.

I can definitely tell I am going to get a lot of wear out of these, they are so easy to wear and put with different outfits. You can pick these gorgeous heels up here. If you like the perspex feel, you can also visit  http://ego.co.uk/perspex-heels.html

If you love shoes that are a bit different to anything else you’ve seen, but are also incredible fashionable, you need to head over to EGO – create your perfect outfit around your shoes. 

Hope you all have a lovely Valentines, wether you’re with your other half or with your friends, or even by yourself. Have a good one, love yourself and the people around you.

Love always, G x