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I’ve joined the gym again…

I’ve done it. I’ve re-joined the gym.

I used to go tot he gym with my boyfriend all the time, it was great going together – but I just never really felt comfortable there. The gym we went too was very male dominated and quite intimidating for a girl like me to walk into, seeing as I wasn’t a gym lad I just felt like I didn’t belong there. After a while I decided to quit as I said to myself, I will keep fit at home and keep my weight off. How wrong was I…

I slowly put my weight back on and I just felt like I was being lazy, and well, a slob.

As it’s getting closer to summer and my summer holiday, I decided enough was enough. So i’ve re-joined.

I haven’t gone back to the same gym again with Ryan, I decided to spread my wings a little and try something completely new, and something which was a bit more suited to me. I joined a health club.

At this health club, I am able to go to the gym, join classes, go swimming and relax in the spa – I would never get bored of it.

I am so happy to have made the decision to join this club as the gym is great, it has every machine you could think of and isn’t too male dominated, there are both genders, in equal quantity, and a range of ages too. This was perfect for me as straight away I felt a lot more comfortable and motivated to be there.

I love the idea of classes, this is included in the monthly fee so they are of no extra cost, and there are loads to choose from. I haven’t done a class yet but I am really excited to try them out and see how I get on with them.

Then there is the swimming and the spa. Ideally I will go to the swimming pool after the gym to cool down and have a bit of me time. I find swimming a great way to relax and really chill after a busy day of work. Also being a blogger and youtuber, I find it very hard to keep away form my phone and social media, but swimming really helps me put my phone away and just to focus on me.

I am really excited to explore this health club more and really make the most of it. What do you think of gyms or health clubs? I would love to do an update post of how I am getting on there if you’re interested?

Love always, G x

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