Personalise your Phone Case with CaseApp

I don’t know about you, but I am one of those people who loves changing their phone case all the time, especially depending on what season it is. I think I have about 8 different phone cases in my drawer, which will all be no good when I get an upgrade and change my phone, again!

Caseapp very kindly got in touch with me, they must have known I am phone case obsessed. Caseapp offer a huge range of phone models for you to order in, so no-one feels left out! You are able to make a custom phone case and laptop skin too. You can personalise it from scratch, to make it completely unique, or you can use one of their ready made designs and just add a little something to make it unique to yourself.

loved this idea so much, as sometimes I find it quite hard to find a phone case thats perfect for you, and exactly what you’re looking for, and with caseapp, you can.

As you can see, I have ordered two phone cases, but in two different sizes.

Why? you might be asking…

I have an iPhone 6 at the moment, so the smaller one I created for myself to use. But I am due for an upgrade in May and I know I really want an iPhone 6S Plus, so I also ordered one in this size too. They may look exactly the same, but the bigger case I added a little quote at the top to make it a little different.
I think this quote is so cute and just adds a little something to the case, kind of wish I added it to the smaller one too!

I am really fussy with how my phone will look from the front with phone cases, but this is perfect for me. I don’t like it to look too big and bulky and these phone cases are so slim, you can hardly see it from the front, so that is just perfect for me.

You can also choose the finish off the case, you can have glossy or matte. Of course I went for matte as I love the feel off matte cases, weird I know. But they just feel so smooth and high quality when they are matte, and my gosh, that is exactly what these phone cases are like.

I am really impressed with Caseapp as they feel such a good quality and I would recommend them to anyone who loves to personalise their phone.

Caseapp also very kindly gave me a unique discount code for you guys, so you can get 20% off your order with the code GEMSBLOG20. You’re welcome 🙂

I hope you guys check them out and send me a picture of your personalised phone case.

Love always, G x