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Accessorising your Spring Outfit

Spring is definitely in full swing. Even though it is still little chilly, you can still accessorise and jazz up your Spring outfit.

With this outfit I went for a really simple statement look, it’s something I would wear on a day to day basis in Spring.

For the basics, I went for a simple plain black pair of jeans, a cute pink t-shirt and a trench coat. Super easy to put together, but it also looks classy and like you have really made an effort.

To jazz this outfit up a little bit, I have styled this with two bags, and two pairs of shoes.

The first bag I have paired this outfit with is a really gorgeous Ted Baker over the shoulder tote. It’s a really lovely light grey colour, so it basically can go with any outfit. It also has rose gold detailing which gives it a really lovely finish. I wouldn’t wear this bag everyday and it’s more of a special day out bag, as I wouldn’t wan it to get too dirty.

Next is this gorgeous Louis Vuitton backpack. This bag was actually a hand me down from my mum. She never really ever used it and she realised that I would make much more wear out of it, which I do, and I love it so so much and take really good care of it.
The classic print is gorgeous and works really well with the trench coat.

For shoes, the first pair are these super cute pom pom mules. I know they are bit out there, some people hate them and some people love them. I really love them and they work so well with this outfit. Being back they work so well, and the pom poms just add a little something to it.

The other pair of shoes I matched with are another pair of mules, these are the perfect shoes for Spring and I adore them. They are a really gorgeous dusky pink colour with gold hardware, a perfect dupe of the Gucci mules.

Apart from the shoes and bags, I have also added a cute pair of pink tinted sunglasses, perfect for Spring as (hopefully) the sun should shine!

Coat– ASOS
Jeans- Primark
Ted Baker bag
Pom Pom mules- EGO official
Pink mules- Miss Selfridge

Love always, G x



  1. 16th April 2017 / 1:30 pm

    Love love love this outfit! You look absolutely gorgeous!

    • 16th April 2017 / 2:09 pm

      Thank you so much Kayleigh! 🙂 xx