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My Miller and Carter Experience

Who loves steak?! Me too. I had always heard of Miller and Carter but never actually ventured in for some reason, that all changed when myself and my boyfriend took a trip to Southend for the day, we literally had the best day ever just playing around and being big kids.


While we were there, we decided to head to Miller and Carter at Langdon Hills which wasn’t too far away. When we walked up to the front door, it felt so warm and cosy as there is a little outside area outside the front for with tables, umbrellas and even fairy lights in the trees. Fairy lights are a winner right?!
As soon as we headed inside, I was totally blown away. It looks really fancy, (it even had a dress code plaque when you enter!) Luckily we were dressed for the occasion. We were greeted very friendly, given a buzzer for our table and headed to the bar while we waited.

The bar was set out lovely, with quite  big seating area to wait in while you’re waiting for your table. As Ryan was driving, he had a raspberry lemonade, which he said was the best he has ever had! And I decided to go ahead and try one of their Mango Mimosa cocktails.

We only waited for a few minutes when our buzzer went off and we were taken to out table. We had a cute little table right next to the window. Perfect as I love to people watch! Our waiter, was incredible. I cannot tell you how lovely and helpful he was.

As soon as I saw nachos on the menu for starters, my life was made! Nachos are my favourite starter ever. And my goodness they were amazing.

I feel like nachos are normally doritos covered in melted cheese, but these were something else. They were homemade crisps, with a real cheese sauce, and of course all the toppings! It was really amazing and I am not ashamed to say I ate it all. 

Next up was the main course. I was really impressed to see as it was a steakhouse, on the bottom of the menu there was a diagram of a cow, and which part of the cow the different steaks came from. (Sorry non meat eaters!) My boyfriend found this really interesting as he loves steak but has never seen so many varieties of it.

There was also a menu for how well you’d like your steak, and the different causes you could have with it. who knew there was so much choice?!

Ryan went for this medium well sirloin steak. He honestly said it was the best steak he has ever eaten, and he has eaten a lot of steaks. It was definitely a winner for him!

I then decided to have their version of ‘hunters chicken’ basically a chicken breast, with melted cheese, BBQ sauce and pancetta sprinkled on the top. This was served with sweet potato fries and friend onion. I personally don’t like onion so I didn’t actually try that, but the meal itself was one of the best I have had also.

Then for dessert, oh my. I had what was called the chocolate orange. I had no idea what it really was, but it was the most expensive dessert on the menu so I just decided to go for it!

This was the chocolate orange. It is basically a big ball of chocolate, with a caramel & peanut butter goo in the middle, and orange sorbet. Oh my goodness, it was so sweet and rich I couldn’t finish it all, Ryan had some too and even he couldn’t eat all of what I left over! Saying that, it was super yummy, definitely for one with a massive sweet tooth.

Ryan decided to have the warm chocolate brownie, which is what he always goes for as a dessert. You can tell were chocolate lovers right?

I didn’t try the brownie, but he said it was absolutely delicious!

We really had such a lovely evening at Miller and Carter, and we will definitely be heading back. One had just recently opened where we live so we will be checking that out next!

If you love steak and a bit of fine dining, this is definitely your kind of place!

You can check out their website here: Miller and Carter Langdon Hills

Also their social media here: Facebook, Instagram.

Have you ever been to a Miller and Carter? What did you think?

Love always, G x