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How I really felt about going to Thailand

My boyfriend and I never thought in a million years we would get to visit Thailand. I wasn’t even somewhere we thought we would love to go as we just never thought it would be possible. You always hear so many amazing things about it, that it’s complete paradise.

So, if you don’t know my boyfriend and I are currently saving for a house, to move in together, which by the way is taking sooooo long. But anyway, we decided to go on our last holiday before we move in together, then after the holiday we would knuckle down and really focus on saving.

I remember us looking everywhere, we had no idea where to go. The main places we had in mind were Croatia or Greece. It was only when we were bombarding every holiday sight, we saw an amazing , and I mean amazing, deal for Koh Samui, a little island off Thailand. I remember me and my boyfriend looked at each other to say ‘Shall we?’
So we did it. We booked for 10 days in Thailand, completely unplanned. We would never get a chance to go again with such an amazing offer.

After a few weeks, we found out our flights had changed which meant we would have to stay at Bangkok airport for 12 hours to wait for our next flight- no thank you! So we actually cancelled the whole thing. Was really upset as I got my heart set on it and was really looking forward of it. After umming and aaring a lot, we decided to head to Virgin and book another trip to Thailand. No it wasn’t as cheap, but we felt happier as we actually got a better place, better flights and knew we had someone to speak to on hand going with virgin. This was our ‘YOLO’ holiday as I like to say, We really pushed the boat out and I can tell you, I was so excited.

So that was our journey actually booking the trip. My advice is, if you’re going somewhere long haul, that you’ll probably never get the chance to do again-have the security, even if it’s a little bit more expensive, it’s totally worth it.

Now for Thailand itself.

Oh. My. Word.

Hands down, the most beautiful, different, cultural, friendly place I’ve ever visited.

The beaches are insane. We stand along the coast of Chaweng Beach, which was supposed to be the best beach on the island, and it definitely was. The sand was white (also boiling hot-were flip flops!) and the sea was so blue and clear, it was incredible. What I really loved (as I am actually a bit scared of the sea!) is that you could walk out really far and it still be shallow, so scary deep water for me.

Absolute paradise.

We decided o do a day trip whilst we were there, a jungle safari! Before you start thinking were bad people for doing elephant trekking- we didn’t we weren’t sure about the whole animal activities you could do there so decided against it and had a fab day.

First stop was the grandmother and grandfather rocks! I’ll let you google that one…
Then we went off to see the mummified monk that had deceased for over 4o years, I love how they put sunglasses on him though.
Next stopper the waterfalls, ah-mazing.
We then went to visit the secret garden, which was a garden full of statues and all wonderful different things.
Thai lunch on top of a mountain with the most gorgeous view ever.
A visit from the biggest spider I’ve ever seen in my life!
And finally the last stop was at Big Buddha, which was just incredible to see.

The town was very different to anything I’ve ever seen before. Whilst walking up to the main street, you are bombarded with people trying to sell you things, to eat in their restaurants, and to hire mopeds! At first it was a little intimidating as I didn’t really know quite how to handle them, but I soon got used to it as just kindly said no thank you, and ignored. Simple!

The transport was my favourite. We didn’t;t hire mopeds out there as lets be honest, I really don’t trust myself on one of those! But we got the Tuk Tuks most places. Just hop on the back and they will take you wherever you wanted to go – within reason! The town was very lively in the evenings, full of bars, restaurants, shops, cafes, supermarkets, clubs. A great atmosphere! The meals out were also delicious, and oh my, so cheap.

It’s just a completely different way of living out there, and I am so happy and pleased that we got to experience it together – Now our YOLO holiday is over, it’s time to get out heads down and save.

Koh Samui/Thailand is 100% the best beach holiday I have ever been on. If you want a mix of paradise, friendliest people you can ever meet, hot weather, culture and just an all round amazing time – Thailand is definitely the place to go.

Love always, G x


    • 30th June 2017 / 7:47 pm

      Yes definitely, I loved it so much! xx

  1. Soph
    29th June 2017 / 9:08 am

    Matt and me did this with Mexico! definitely not somewhere id ever thought about going but for 2 weeks there it was so much cheaper than say, 2 weeks in cyprus. it was a literal paradise, my sister has been to Thailand and said it’s incredible. Im so jealous your photos are beautiful! xx


    • 30th June 2017 / 7:49 pm

      Ah I have never been to Mexico! I have hear so many amazing things though- definitely on my to do list! It was so amazing , you should definitely go if you ever get a chance xxx

  2. 6th July 2017 / 6:59 pm

    It definitely isn’t your typical sun/beach/pool holiday but the pictures look like something you’d find under paradise on the Google Images. I’m in the same position too in saving for a house but wanting to go on our last holiday probably next year so i definitely sympathise with this! x

    • 6th July 2017 / 7:19 pm

      Yes definitely, it was paradise! Ah it’s so sad isn’t it haha, the things we have to do hey! Hope you enjoy your holiday xx