Tips on Saving for a House

Adult life. Well nearly.

I am at the stage in my life where myself and my boyfriend are ready to make the big step in our relationship and move in together. Scary right?

As we don’t really want to rent anywhere, as really were in no rush, we have decided to save for our first house together and buy a property. Myself and Ryan are hopefully going to start house hunting earlyish next year, which is super exciting and such a massive step.

My first tip on saving for a house, is to open a Help to Buy ISA account. Personally, I think this is an amazing thing the government are giving to us who are looking to buy. Basically, you can open the account for free and you can out a starting amount in from £1 – £1000. I was that person who opened it with £1…
You can then choose how much you would like to put into this account a month with a direct debit, the maximum amount you can do is £200, so I do this every month. When you’re ready to buy – the government will give you 25% of the amount you have saved for a deposit – it’s free money!

I would also go through your account and write down all your direct debits, so anything that comes out of your bank a month. Do you really need that coming out? Can you get it cheaper? I recently did this and I cancelled my phone insurance and signed myself up to a cheaper alternative, which is half price!

The ‘Do I really need this? Mindset.’ Okay this is a really hard one for me. Probably like many of you, I love shopping, I love going out clothes shopping, buying makeup, and even little pretty things that have no use what so ever. Time to cut down. I will now only buy things which I really need. For example, as it’s starting to get into Autumn weather now, I will start to look for a winter coat, which I think is acceptable, just.

Spread the cost of Christmas. I know this depends on what time of the year you’re saving, as I am saving at the moment and probably will be until just after Christmas so this is quite an important one for me. I am going to start thinking about Christmas shopping in October. In September I am going to start planning what I am going to get as gifts for people, then in October I am going to start the shopping! Hopefully all I will have to buy in December is the wrapping paper and decorations for wrapping, which is one of my favourite things – yay!

Stop being the Yes Man. This is a really hard one for me as I hate letting people down, I always want to please everyone. But sometimes you just can’t do everything. I have had to say No to a holiday in America with my friends, and a weekend away to Centre Parks recently… I just can’t justify spending that money when I am being really strict with myself at the moment. I think I trying to be really strict with myself for about a year, because obviously you still have to live your life and have fun. But I find you can also do this without splashing the cash.

These are my top tips for saving for something big, wether it be a house, a holiday, or even an investment bag or shoes.

Good Luck!

Love always, G x


    • 3rd September 2017 / 11:01 am

      It’s so hard! Good luck lovely xx