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A Day Trip to Bath




Last month, I went to go and visit one of my best blogging gals pals, Gemma. Myself and Gemma have actually only met a handful of times, but you wouldn’t think that when were together! We just clocked straight away form the moment we met, so here we are now, as one of my closest friends.

Gemma lives about 3/4 hours away from me, so we decided I would go up and visit her. Whilst we were together, we had a day trip to Bath. I had never been before but heard how beautiful it was. A few of my friends had been and also my family so I was so excited to finally get a chance to go.

We got the train in, and it was beautiful from the moment we stepped off the train. All the buildings were a off white colour and looked so grand. I was instantly blown away.

We decided to take a tour bus around and see as must as we possibly good. I really recommend doing this is you’re going to Bath, you get to see a lot more of the city and all about it’s history.

My favourite place we went to was The Crescent. It was just stunning. The houses in the famous semi circle arch are just incredible. To think people live in there is just overwhelming. The Crescent overlooked a really big greenery area where a lot of people were having picnics and playing games with is always lovely to see.

Of course the shops are also amazing. You can shop til you drop!

The only thing me and Gemma didn’t get to do, which is actually the main reason you would probably go to Bath, is to see the Baths! We went on the weekend and didn’t book to go, and of course the ques were so insane it would have taken hours to wait to go inside. So instead we decided against it and enjoyed the rest of Bath. I will definitely have to go back up and book the Baths though, the pictures of them look incredible.

If you have never been to Bath, I very highly recommend to take a trip. It’s a gorgeous place, with all the Instagram photo opportunities you can imagine! It would be a lovely weekend trip away.

What do you think of Bath?

Love always, G x


    • 6th November 2017 / 7:14 pm

      It’s soooo pretty! Hope you have a lovely time xx