Winter Morning Wellness

Okay, I think we can all admit it’s super hard to wake up, and get out of bed in these winter mornings. It’s cold, dark, and icy…and did I mention cold?

I don’t know about you, but when it get’s to 5pm and I’m leaving work, it’s already so dark outside, cold, foggy, probably raining, am I right? So when I get in I’m not in one of the best moods I could be. To make myself feel better I love to make my house cosy. I light some candles, run a bubble bath, and cuddle up on the sofa with lots of blankets and a good Disney film.

The mornings are similar, it’s cold, dark, early in the morning, so again, not in one of the best moods.

I have put together a few tips on how to feel more awake, and springy in the cold winter mornings.

Set your alarm with plenty of time. I am one of those people that sets about 5 alarms at really random times, like 6.08am, 6.14am, 6.24am…and it continues like that. I like to set my alarms early enough so I have enough time without rushing in the mornings. Rushing is the worst, especially in the moorings. It can set your day off with a really bad start, so definitely set your alarm at a reasonable and realistic time.

Get up quickly. I know this is hard, when your alarm goes off and you think ahh just 5 more minutes won’t hurt. Next thing you know it’s half an hour later, and you’re rushing! So as soon as your alarm goes, off, I know its hard, but you need to get up. Wake up slow so just get up in bed and have a stretch a yawn, and try not to look at your phone straight away (I am so bad for this!) Looking at your phone first thing as you wake up really strained your eyes as your eyes have been used to darkness for about 8 hours, sudden lights will hurt your eyes.

Routine. Routine is key. If you have the same routine every evening before you go to bed, you will tend to find that the mornings will become little easier. I tend to get into bed quite early before actually going to sleep which I love as I just love to be cosy and warm.

Fresh air. Fresh air is so important. Obviously it isn’t ideal to stay indoors all day, although it is hard if you work full time in a office (like me!) or if you want to stay in all day and was Netflix (Don’t we all?!) Try and get outside whenever you can, in a lunch break, walking the dog, you know what you can do. This will just really help when you get into bed, as we all know when we have lot of fresh air it makes us super sleepy!

A good breakfast. This is key. You should always make sure you have a good breakfast, wether thats some toast, cereal, or even fruit. It’s always better to have something which is better than nothing. Feeding your body in the mornings helps it function, it gets some energy back.

How do you normally cope in the cold winter mornings?
We can do this! 👊

Love always, G x



    • 30th November 2017 / 8:43 pm

      So do I, but it can definitely be hard some days haha! xx

  1. 20th November 2017 / 3:09 am

    These are all areas that I definitely struggle with, but I want to get better! I set so many alarms and still wake up at the last minute. It’s especially difficult during the winter when I don’t want to leave my warm bed.

    • 30th November 2017 / 8:45 pm

      I definitely agree with you, it can be very difficult! I struggle too xx