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Why I’m looking forward to Spring

I know what you’re thinking, how can I be talking about Spring when there are still snowy patches outside the window. I had never seen the UK be hit with snow that severe, where we could barely leave the house! Now the snow is starting to leave us (thank god) I am so ready to start thinking of the warmer days and leave the winter and snowiness behind. I am therefore welcoming March with open arms. Spring is a lovely season, one of my favourites, so here is to a great Spring.

Surely I’m not the only one who loves their birthday month? Without sounding selfish, I love birthdays. I love my birthday, and I love others birthdays equally as much. My birthday, is indeed in March, the main month of Spring, so of course I am very much looking forward to this month. This means I will be having celebrations with my family, boyfriend and friends. Definitely one of my best things to do.


March is the month for longer days. In winter, I normally arrive at work, and leave work in the dark. At first I find it quite cosy, but towards the end of Winter I start to drag, and I desperately want the lighter mornings and evening. I am living for getting home at 6pm and for it to still be light, I can feel like I can still actually do something with the evening-rather than getting in, chucking my PJ’s on and eating too much comfort food. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing this also, but enough is enough. 


When you see flowers blooming in the garden, or on the fields around you, doesn’t it just make you smile? N matter what you think, everyone loves the look of pretty flowers, and seeing them start to bloom around you in your every day life means, summer is coming! Hearing the birds chirp, baby lambs being born in the field. It’s just a very happy time of the year, for everyone. After it feeling like forever since we’ve seen any life, I feel so relieved when I start to see the flowers blooming. 

Ok, lets admit it-the sun makes us happy. When its cold, and raining and windy outside, we become our worst enemy. Agitated, annoyed and tense, because of the weather. But as soon as the sun is shining, people moods change, we become more positive, friendly and just damn right happy. I think we all need a bit more positivity, so let the sun shine!


If you love to de-clutter and be organised as hell, then I am guessing you love the thought of Spring Cleaning. I feel like in Winter, you go into hibernation mode, so as soon as the sun comes out, and you’re feeling bit more alive, it’s the perfect excuse for a big ol Spring clean. I’m excited to have a good old de-clutter of my wardrobe, getting rid of the big, baggy coats and bringing in the spring tops and pastel colours – although no doubt I will still need a jumper as, we do live in the UK after all.


What’s your favourite thing about Spring coming?

Love always, G x