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by CHLOE. London Review

I love finding new places to eat, especially when they are as cute and as instagrammable as this one. You’ve probably head about the famous by CHLOE. by now as it is all over instagram. All your favourite bloggers and you tubers have been right? Well I saw it all over my instagram, and I desperately wanted to go and check it out. Is it that good?

We went to the by CHLOE which was located in Covent Garden. It was a great location and as we walked up to the cafe, it didn’t look too busy which I was so pleased about as I thought it may have been heaving on a Saturday.

As soon as we walked in I loved it straight away, the decor was very simple, yet so effective and very ‘instagrammable’. It didn’ t look like they had tried too hard, which I loved. So the idea of the cafe is to go up and order, you then receive a buzzer which you take away to your table, which you can choose, then when your buzzer goes off, go and collect your food on a try and also collect your cutlery.
I really like this idea as I described it as posh fast food. 

The menu looked very fun, and there were so many thing to choose from. This cafe is fully, completely vegan. There is not one thing on the menu which isn’t vegan. Now I’m not vegan myself, but I had always wanted to try it and see how I got on. I had only ever had a vegan afternoon tea before, and that was delish.
I decided to order the avocado pesto pasta pot, air bakes fries and an iced latte (with almond milk).

My meal was honestly delicious. The pasta was so creamy and tasty, it actually was very filling. It didn’t look a lot but I was definitely full up by the end of the meal. The chips were gorgeous too. I had a mixture of normal fries and sweet potato fries, I couldn’t decide! And of course I had my beloved iced latte. Classic Gem.
What I love about this place is that they even do pup cakes, for your dog! I was going to get one for Wilma but it was such a hot day I thought it may have got ruined on the train or from the London heat.

I went with my friend Lily, and she had one of the pasta dishes, which looked incredible!
We were both very impressed, it we didn’t think the price was too bad for London either!

One of the main things I loved about this place, was how planet friendly they were. All the plates and bowls were like a cardboard material, they had paper straws, and also the knives and forks were wooden too – so they are really environmentally friendly too. What’s not to like about this place?!

I would definitely recommend visiting by CHLOE if you’re in that area, and are looked for something a bit different, but also delicious! No need to book, just turn up!

You can look at their menu here.

Love always, G x


    • 23rd June 2018 / 4:03 pm

      I would definitely recommend if get the chance! Its sooo lovely 🙂 xxx

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