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I Went to BlogConLDN 2018.


This day for me was so surreal for me. I definitely felt like I didn’t belong…but of course I did!

So I was very kindly invited to some of the biggest events of the year by Scarlett herself. If you don’t know, Scarlett organises the biggest, and most amazing events in and around London. BlogCon is an annual event and its one of the biggest of the year.

Of course I instantly said yes to the invite, I was so excited and it felt like a dream really. I went with my friend who I met through blogging, Anna  
Anna actually lives in the same town as me, so its so perfect that we could travel together. The event was at the CEME conference centre in London, and it was about an hour drive for us which wasn’t bad at all, and it’s always a bonus when you don’t get any traffic at the weekend!

I felt overwhelmed as we entered the event. There were so many people already there, loads of brands with stalls, and we actually saw one of my favourite Youtubers as soon as we walked in with was Brogan Tate xo.  

I felt so overwhelmed, almost like I was in a dream. I had been watching her for years and I finally got to meet her. I was super brave, as normally in these sorts of situations I would be all nervous and too shy to go up to someone. But I bite the bullet and went up to her straight away, and get got chatting. She is the loveliest girl, so real and exactly like she is in her videos which was so lovely to see. She was also with Jordan, from Hello Miss Jordan Jordan is mainly an Instagrammer now, and her photos are absolutely amazing, and such a dream. She was also as lovely and exactly how I expected her to be. I actually asked of they would be in my blog and they said yes – so they lovely ladies will be in my next blog so keep an eye out!

We went to two talks at the event, my favourite was how to find your USP. This talk really made me think that I need to focus on my USP and really work on it, the talk was so helpful and gave so much advise.

There were also so many stalls at the end, brands from Sandisk, 21 buttons and Jet2. The brands at these types of events are also so lovely and really are interested in working with bloggers. Its a great opportunity to get yourself out there and connect with different bloggers and brands.

also met a lovely lady called Sophie, from her YouTube channel Sopherina. I didn’t know she was going until the day before, and we had arranged to meet up as we have been talking on the internet and watching each others videos for a long time. She was so gorgeous and lovely, and we have actually said we would like to meet up and film a collaboration and just have girly fun together! I also met two lovely bloggers, Hannah and Alicia. I had again been chatting to them online a few times and arranged to meet too. It was lovely to have a little group of people to go around the event with, it made it so much more special.

After the event and before we went home, we were very kindly given a goody bag by Scarlett. it had some amazing bits in that I wasn’t expecting at all! Take a look inside :

I just want to now say a massive thank you to Scarlett for inviting me to the event, I felt so privileged and honoured to have been invited. You have let me meet some amazing people, people I have followed for years and people I haven’t spoken to before and will keep in contact with. I had an amazing time and will remember it forever, so thank you Scarlett!

Love always, G x



  1. 3rd June 2018 / 5:36 pm

    It was so lovely to meet you! I was so overhwelmed too haha It was a really nice day though and I would’ve been a wreck without you girls there!
    lots of love!
    Alicia Xo

    • 3rd June 2018 / 6:01 pm

      It was so so lovely to meet you too 🙂 I’m so glad we did haha it was much lovelier with a group of us! Thanks for making it a great day ☺️ xx

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