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Liquid Fairy Lights Range from PIXI by Petra

I was so incredibly excited when I saw these new products from PIXI beauty. These are a new range which are they Liquid Fairy Lights glitter liquid eyeshadows. I have always been one for eyeshadow, wether its a really subtle and natural look, or a bit more daring and vibrant. I love eyeshadow and always have done. When I saw these beauties, I was so excited as I had always loved the thought of liquid eyeshadow, and they’re glittery, what can be better?!

When I first opened one fo these, all I could say was wow. The pigmentation from these are incredible. I had to try them out straight away. I wore the shade SunRay (which is the second lightest colour) to my normal office work job one day this week as I was so excited to try them. All day I was getting compliments on how glittery my eyes were looking and how pretty it looked. Straight away I knew they were a winner!

After wearing them for a few days, all day everyday I had noticed how long they lasted, and no creases! Yes you heard me right. I have not noticed any creases or wear all day with these shadows.

I honestly think these are amazing and I can tell I am going to get so much wear out of them. I love how they have the light shades and dark so you can use them for an everyday look or a dramatic evening look too.






I also really love PIXI by Petra’s packagin for their products. They look so classy and dinky, almost like a lipgloss. PIXI also don’t test any of their products on animals and are 100% cruelty free, amazing right?!

I have absolutely loved their products for so long, and I am so happy they have brought these liquid fair light shadows out as they are amazing. 


What do you think about these glitter liquid eyeshadows?


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