Saying Goodbye.

Its the end of an era.

Some of you may know, and some of you may not know, I have left my current job. As I am writing this post I had my last day yesterday. I worked in a normal office job, with a very open office with a load of different people. I absolutely loved working with the people and I made some very good friends, some of which will definitely be my friends for life. I am so grateful to have met them and now, I don’t know what I would of done without them to be honest..

Although I liked my job, I didn’t love it. I loved the people, and the job got me by. It done me so well. I was able to get a nice little Mini to zoom around in (which I absolutely love), and myself and Ryan managed to get a mortgage – which is probably the biggest achievement in my life so far! So those two things, which are big things in my eyes all happened when I was at this job, and I am so thankful that I have been able to do it.

However, my dream has always been to work in the social media/PR/marketing area. After being at my job for almost 5 years, I decided I need a change, and I really wanted to try and follow my dreams, and do what I love doing. So I started looking, but not intensely until one job role really caught my eye. I applied, had an interview and got the job!

I was so pleased when I found out that I had gotten the job, and also totally shocked! I really didn’t think I would get it, and thought it would also take a good few months to find something I really wanted.

So after I was offered a new role, it was then time to tell my current employers. This was so hard for me as my supervisor was one of my best friends, I met her before work but wok was where we started to become really close. As I told her I had been offered a new role, she was so amazing and supportive and I couldn’t of been happier.. Of course she was upset and shed a little tear but she knew it was what I really wanted and so she was really rooting for me.

As it got closer and closer to my end date, I started to get really scared and really emotional. Seeing people for the last time, saying goodbye, whisking me luck. Everyone was so lovely!

On my last day, I was doing really well and didn’t get too emotional, until my manager did a little presentation in front of the whole office. I received a lovely card form my colleagues with such lovely messages in, and I also received the nicest gift iI could ever ask for – they know me so well! They managed to get two gift vouchers for afternoon tea at One Aldwych in Covent Garden, which is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed. As soon as I saw this I burst into tears and couldn’t even speak. They also gave some cash in a little envelope for the train journey to London, how lovely?! I was speechless as it was so generous and I couldn’t of been happier. At that point I was a little bubble of emotion, and the bubble had burst!

After my last day, I went out for dinner with my team at Wagamamas and a couple of drinks which was lovely, I had such a good time with amazing people.


Although I am so sad to be leaving, I am also very excited to start a new chapter, and a new journey which will hopefully lead to more amazing opportunities and will open a lot more doors for me. But I will definitely miss the people I have worked with, but I am sure that won’t be the last time I see them.

If you’re stuck in a job which you like but it isn’t your dream, I highly recommend just following your dream and wishes. If you have friends there, they will still be there when you leave and you will still see them if they’re your real friends, you’ll make the effort and so will they.

Here’s to the future!
Love always, G x

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