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Coffee and Walnut Halloween Cupcakes

I am definitely not the best baker, just putting it out there. To be honest I hardly bake, and wish I did it more. The problem with baking is unless you have a lot of time and patience, it can go very wrong. Even buying the right ingredients can be mind boggling for me!
But I do get sudden urges to bake, and when I am doing it, I love it. Baking helps me forget about everything else going on in my life, or in the world that I should be worrying about. Its that couple of hours of creativity, where you are away from the rest of the world.

So as I have already mentioned, I am not a great baker, and definitely don’t call myself a good one. But I will always have a go, and try.

At my workplace, we re having a charity Halloween themed bake sale, and of course I had to get involved. At my workplace there is a professional baker so she always has these amazing masterpieces that look great, and I have my amateur failed ones, but hey at least I tried and took part.

So I started to google Halloween cakes, cupcakes, brownies, everything. And I ended up finding a picture on pinterest of cupcakes with butter cream icing, and a walnut with red food colouring around the walnut. What the hell is this supposed to be you may ask, its supposed to look like a brain. Now I saw these and thought they were amazing! A great, quick and easy way to create a Halloween cake, so this is what I decided to re-create.

As I didn’t have a specific recipe to go from, I sort of improvised. I took a recipe for the sponge from a recipe in the book Tanya Bakes (amazing recipes if anyone is interested!) But the recipe was for an eton mess cake, but I thought if I used this recipe just for the sponge I would be ok, so that’s what I decided to do. The sponge wasn’t anything too fancy, just a vanilla sponge, simple but yummy.
Once the sponges were made, the rest was easy… I did cheat a little, oops! I bought one of those already made pots of butter icing (if you are in a rush or have less time these are a great alternative to making your own) I bought the coffee flavour icing, and I was trying to create a Coffee and Walnut flavoured cake. I just used a knife to scoop some of the icing out and spread it across the top of the cake. Next is super easy, I put half a walnut in the center, and used  red food colouring which came in a tube, to put round the edges of the walnut to make it look like a bleeding brain.

I thought they were quite obvious what they were meant to be, but when I sent a picture of them to my friend, she just couldn’t work out what it was meant to be. Uh- oh!

I hope my work colleagues can figure out what they are meant to be,or they might think I am a little weird!

So there you have it, my very homemade coffee and walnut cupcakes…that look like a bleeding brain! If you’re looking for a easy bake to do for Halloween then this one is great, super easy, super quick, and they taste yummy!

What do you think of these, are they are bleeding masterpiece? (haha)

Happy Halloween!

Love always, G x


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