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We Went Pumpkin Picking!

It’s that time of year, where the nights are getting darker, days are getting colder, and the leaves are falling off the trees. My favorite time of year, Autumn.
There are a few activities that I just have to do in Autumn, and one of them is pumpkin picking. I would say that pumpkin picking is one of the most festive activities you can do in Autumn and for Halloween too. We decided to head down to our local pumpkin patch, which is only down the road from us so it’s great. We went in the middle of the month as we didn’t want to leave it too late to get our hands on a decent pumpkin!

I love the vibe of pumpkin picking You turn up and its just fields, no houses, no factories, just a massive field that goes for miles. Our patch is free to enter, so it’s a great opportunity if you just want to get those Autumn insta pics! Of course I tried to wear a very Autumnal appropriate outfit…When you enter the patch there are a dozen wheelbarrows lined up that you can use if you are planning on getting quite a few pumpkins… we didn’t get one, although I think we should have as we were struggling to carry them!

The field was full of pumpkins, with huge crates full off the more unusual pumpkins and little baby ones too. There were selfie stations, hay barrels, and little activities for the kids to be part off. They also have a corn maze which you can pay to enter (I think only about £3). The corn was higher than my boyfriend, and he is 6ft 3inches! We decided not to go in at this time, but we definitely want to give it a go – and probably get really lost!

We soon found the perfect pumpkin, which I think next weekend we will be carving and putting up in our flat for Halloween ( Ah, I can’t wait to decorate our flat for Halloween! Even though we wont be getting any trick or treaters…) We also picked up a blue/silver looking pumpkin which I thought was so pretty, and a couple of mini ones too, just for decoration. Altogether the pumpkins came to £8 which I don’t think is a bad price, especially as we didn’t have to pay to enter, and we had a great experience!

Do you go pumpkin picking or have a pumpkin patch near you? I definitely want to make sure I make this a yearly tradition, and in the future when I have kids, take them so they can grow up with it too. It’s such a fun, and cheap Autumn activity, you could even go on your own and have a walk around the fields with pumpkin and get some fresh autumn air, or go with the family, and have a super fun day out.

What do you think about pumpkin picking?

Love always, G x


    • 20th October 2018 / 9:41 pm

      Oh hun you should try and do it! It’s just a really nice thing to do in autumn 😊😊 xx

    • 20th October 2018 / 9:42 pm

      It was great hun!! Omg do you not have one near? I hope you can find one! Xx

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