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New Things Are To Come…

Just in case you are a regular reader ( thank you if you are! ) I didn’t want you to think I have fallen off the face of the planet, so here is a little update and what’s to come.

This year I feel I have really taken a step back from my blog, this wasn’t done on purpose or for any reason, it just happened. I think I became more focused on my YouTube channel trying to get content out on there instead of my blog. I still get a lot of question asking me why I blog, what do I get from it? And the answer is simple. It’s my own little personal space where I can write anything I want. My feelings, what I’ve been up too, what I’ve been loving, anything on my mind…You get the drift.
Blogging is a great way to escape, from anything you’re feeling in the real world, without realizing you are probably helping other people too.

So whats going to change you may ask?

You might notice that my blog will be offline for a while. It should be going offline in the middle of November, and will be back up and running in the New Year. But it’s going to be a bit different this time round.
My blog will have a new look. I am going to have a re-vamp, a new theme, a new logo, everything. ( apart from the name, so you’ll know where to find me )
It’s going to be a lot less of what everyone thinks they want to read and see, to a lot more of what I want to write, what i’m feeling and my emotions. Probably a bit more serious. But don’t worry, I will still have my fun and exciting posts too, it’ll just be more of a mixture, more of an online diary. Sometimes writing things down that you may find hard to speak to people out loud about, will be a lot easier to type, a relief.
A lot more fashion content, and maybe a little less beauty? Don’t get me wrong I still love my beauty, makeup and skincare, so when I do get a new product and think it’s worth a mention, I will. But I just think there will be a lot less of it, and more fashion content as fashion is something I am getting more and more into. I try anyway! I always used to be that girl that wore jeans, a top, and a pair of trainers. Don’t get me wrong, I still wear that but I am getting more and more confident with different styles, and to be honest I am still trying to work out the best style for me. I feel like my style at the moment is a bit here, there and well, everywhere! So I am hoping to calm it down a bit and stick to a style that really is a Gem style.

I am also hoping to do a bit more travel. I mean don’t get me wrong I don’t go very far very often but even if I go down the road and find a cute cafe, I’m going to take pictures and write about it. You may not know about the little gem of a cafe down the road, so I’m going to tell you about it.

I also love the idea of maybe doing something like a film review section. I love films, I am such a film girl and love going to the cinema. I could talk about films I like forever. Is this something you may want to see? The thing is, I do’t’ want my blog to be like every other blog out there. I need a niche, and I think something like this may be the answer! Because, really I am a film geek.

It will have a lot more structure, more scheduled posts so you know what days and times I will be uploading. A lot easier for you really! I don’t want it to be a complicated mish mash and you don’t know whether you are coming or going, sometimes simplicity is key.

I will still be uploading to YouTube (of course) so if you prefer to watch a video instead of read a post, don’t worry I got you covered gurl. YouTube is my passion, I have always been into media, I think because I have always loved films! So the idea of filming something, editing, putting music on, changing the settings etc is fab to me, I absolutely love it. I will still be uploading twice a week ( well trying too! ) But I am going to have a minor re-vamp with the logo of my channel, to match the new and improved blog! And I will probably have a sit down and decide on more of a theme/ genre I want my channel to be, as at the moment I feel it, again, is a bit here, there and everywhere! But I don’t mind too much, whatever I want to film I will just do it. I think I just need to be myself more, and not worry about the other people around me and worry that they will be thinking. Confidence is the key, and also…fake it til you make it! If you aren’t confident, and you know it (like me) sometimes you have to fake being confident, go out there put a big smile on your face, be you just a bit more enhanced. For that small time of faking your confidence can do a great difference for your content, if thats going out to do a photo shoot for Instagram and people are starring at you, or if its vlogging in public and people are waving in the background of your videos…fake it til you make it! You’re not being fake, or untrue to yourself, you’re just trying not to give a damn for that moment in time.

So the answer to your question, of why do I do this? I enjoy it. I love writing, and I love making videos. I have come to realize they are my passion and my hobby, and I will do anything and everything to try and make it a better place for me, and for you as readers/viewers.

So sit back, enjoy and wait for the new and improved GemsBlogStorey! See you soon. Love always, G x

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