Creating my own vision board for 2019

Even though I have always been a creative person, I have never made my own vision board, I mean I have, but at school. I had to create one, but I never thought to do one in my own time and actually think more about about what I want to put on it.

As I am scrap booking this year, when I went to buy all my crafty bits and bobs, I decided to also buy a piece of card and create my own vision board. I don’t know where all this creativity has come from!

So what do you put on a vision board?
I mean, everyone will be different but with mine, I decided to think of all the things I really want to achieve, nothing too out of reach, but also a massive goal. Ever since reading The Secret, my way of thinking has changed so much. I am so much more positive, and rather than thinking ‘I can’t afford that’ or ‘I want to do this’ I will think ‘I can afford it, and will afford it’ and ‘I can and I will do this’. I can talk about this for ages, so let me know if you want a separate blog post on my way of thinking since reading The Secret, as it’s changed my life outlook so much, in the best way.
So with all this in mind. I wanted something that I could look at everyday, and visualize to remind myself, I can get these things, or do these things, and they will happen.

So the first, and maybe biggest thing I want to achieve, is to be able to go to DisneyWorld Florida. Now I realise that this may not happen this year, but definitely in the next couple of years! Myself and Ryan have dreamt of going for a while, and now were trying to save, and think about our finances a bit more so we are able to go. We will be going, I’m just not sure when yet. So for this, I had a Disney brochure from Virgin, and I cut it up with pictures of the castle, universal, Mickey Mouse etc. I them stuck them on the card along with inspirational quotes like ‘Adventure is out there!’ and ‘Dream Big’. Seeing this everyday will remind me how much we want to go, and that it will happen.

I also decided to put a photograph of myself and Ryan in here too, to remind myself of what we have and be grateful for it. I have to remind myself sometimes how lucky I think we are that we found the right person so young, and haven’t had any problems together. We now live together and own a property together, which I am so grateful for! So I had to add my gratitude for that.

The other side, I basically wrote down all the things I would love to achieve, that I want or need to do more of.

For example, the biggest thing I have here is to reach 10,000 subscribers on YouTube. again for this I don’t know when it will be, but I know i’m going to get there. I work hard on my channel, so why not? You may think woah, Gemma that’s a big thing, and I know i’m quite away from this at the moment, but I will get there. So seeing this, again, is just reminding myself of my goal, to work hard and it will happen.
Other things include saying yes more often. I am normally one of those people that wont give an answer, or worry about money, or if I have time to do it. But if I say yes, I will have to do it, there for I am giving an answer straight away and I have no time to worry about money, I’m doing it so I have to afford it, and I have to make time for it. It might seem silly and simple, but I think it will make a huge difference.
I also want to get fit & healthy, like everyone else right? Well I am joining a gym at the end of the month, and I am not quiting. I’m joining the same gym as Ryan, he goes about 4-5 times a week and I know will drag me out the door if he has too.
Also to earn a bit of extra money. This is tieing in with my YouTube channel. As I get more subscribers I will be able to monetize my videos, which is a massive goal for me. Then over time, with the money I have earned from that, I want to look to upgrade my camera equipment. I’ve had the same equipment for about 3 years now, and my camera screen has smashed! But cameras are expensive…So my reward from working hard with my channel, will lead to new equipment.

I think that is everything for what I wanted to see from my vision board. I also added some pretty bits to it like washi tape, buttons and ribbon. You of course don’t need this when thinking about a vision board but as I had them, I thought it would be a nice touch.
I felt so accomplished once I had finished my vision board, also like a weight had been lifted? Everything I wanted in life (for now anyway) was on this vision board that I could see everyday. It’s so much nicer to visualize your goals then making a list, or keeping them in your head. I am now so excited to start my scrapbook as I am excited to get back into being creative that’s not sitting in front of a computer screen. Now that my goals are out there for the world to see, it’s time to work hard and think positively, and let the magic happen!