Money Diary | Costa, Coats & Craft Supplies

What is a money diary? I took a challenge this week to write down everything I was paying for, what it is or what I am doing, and how much it was. It’s a scary thought to write down exactly what you’re spending, to see it on paper, as 9 times out of 10 it is always more than what you think, and you end up saying to yourself ‘Did I really spend that much?!’

I was having a good read through Amelia’s blog when I found her Money Diary post. Whilst reading it I thought, what a blooming good idea. A way to write down what you’ve spent in the week and review it. Did I need that? Could I of spent less? Or just to see how much you are spending a week. I am one of those people who find it really hard to budget, I will normally get paid at the end of the month and spend my spare money in the first week, and then realise I have to live of £50 for the rest of the month…that’s me. But hey, i’m surviving! So whilst I was reading Amelia’s post, I decided to take the challenge and do my own version, and this is what happened.


So were starting on Saturday, and going through to Friday. This Saturday myself and mum took Wilma on a little roadtrip to Cambridge, to be reunited with her family! It was the cutest day, lots of bassets running around, and Wilma’s dad and brother were there! Doggy overload. So whilst not having to spend a penny really, on the way home we stopped for a break and I decided to treat myself and mum to a Costa, I just can’t help myself. So I ordered two drinks, a wrap and a little sweet nibble. Altogether this came to £9.00. No I didn’t need to  spend this, or I didn’t need to spend as much, but I wanted too.
We went out in the evening for a meal. It was one of my best friends birthday! We had a lovely meal and a great time with everyone there. I only spent £21 at this meal, which you might be thinking, wow that’s really good! Which it is. I had a 3 course meal, and a pepsi. I wasn’t feeling too well so didn’t want any of the hard stuff! But by the end of the meal, we all decided it was just so much easier to split the bill, so that’s what we did! Ryan had a little bit of cash so paid his with that, where as I never have cash on me! So I was paying my bit by card, which rounded up to £21! Bargain for a 3 course meal if you ask me.

Total : £30 exactly!


Sunday we didn’t do much. Sundays are for lazing around and staying in, am I right? In the morning I went to go see my Dad and Step-Mum. It’s about half an hour drive to theirs and I was dangerously low on petrol so had to stop on my way to get some, hopefully this will last me the rest of the week too! I filled up my tank and spent  £32.42 which I don’t think is half bad for a full tank of petrol. The prices are really low though at the moment for petrol – winning! I hate spending my money on petrol. It’s one of those things that I have to buy, and should budget for but always forget about it! I am always grateful that my little mini doesn’t guzzle fuel like no tomorrow.
The rest of the day we stayed in, cleaned and tidied up our flat and watched ‘YOU’ on Netflix, although I did browse the Boohoo website for some new clothes but didn’t end up buying anything, so no more money was spent!

Total : £32.42


Ugh Monday. The dreaded back to work day. So as I was at work from 8.30am until 5.00pm, I spent £0! Nothing. Yay for non spending days! I already had my petrol for the week, and I never buy lunch at work, I always make something in the morning to take in. This helps me save massively! I could spend so much on food…When I got home, I had a very chilled evening which included having dinner, washing my hair, and watching more ‘YOU’ on Netflix! Can you tell i’m hooked?

Total : £0!


I caved! I caved and bought a new coat. but I needed one! Okay, maybe I didn’t, but I wanted a new black really warm coat! I had been looking for a few days on all different websites and kept going back to this one on Missguided, so I ordered it! If it’s any good I am sure to share it with you guys on my social media, and if you don’t see it, well I have probably taken it back! The coat was £53.49. Another day day at work for me! So no spending during the day. But ah, the evening…If you saw my ‘I’M BACK HELLO 2019‘ post then you will know I am going to start my scrapbook, and keep going with it. But to be able to start one, I need the crafts! So I took myself to The Range and went on the hunt for scrap booking supplies. I already had the main book, but just needed everything else to go with it to start. This cost me £21.74. I don’t know if this was a blessing or a curse, but McDonald’s is directly opposite to The Range, so I decided to pop in and get something to eat too. I had one of their wrap meals with cheese bites yum. Anyone else always get the cheese bites? This cost me £5.76.

Total : £80.99


Another day, another dollar. Today was spent at work again, so no expenditure for me during the day! We spent the evening really chilling out, we made dinner, did our own thing for a while (I think Ryan was on his Xbox and I was starting my vision board!) then later on in the evening we got all cosy and started to watch ‘YOU’ again on Netflix. We’re so close to finishing it!

Total : £0


What can I say, another day at work for me! I don’t normally get out much when I go to work apart from the odd occasion!But today I headed out, for business! But on the way back, my tummy was rumbling and it was basically lunch time. So what do I do? Another trip to Costa! I passed a Costa on my way back to work so drove in and picked up a drink, a snack, and a bottle drink too. Altogether this was £9.48. Another £9 spent on Costa, what are the odds! I think we all know I am addicted to Costa though, right? I didn’t leave our flat when I got in, my mum came over for a couple of hours and we just chilled, so no more money had been spent.

Total : £9.48


You guessed it! Another day at work. But at least it’s Friday yay! No money at all was spent today, which my bank account is pleased about! I spent all day at work, then came home and we did our weekly food shop. I am not counting our food shop in this weeks money diary, as we use our joint account for all our ‘joint’ things! Everything else this week however, that was all me.

Total : £0

Altogether this week in January cost me £152.89. Ok I know that may seem like a pricey week, and it definitely is if I spent that every week, but I don’t. I ordered a coat, had too much Costa and went all creative with scrap booking…which I definitely don’t do every week.
It’s so interesting to see how much this week has cost me, and I have really enjoyed documenting too! If you’d like to see more of these Money Diaries, please let me know. Hopefully next week will be cheaper!