My travel bucket list

Travelling. I would love to do more travelling. Travelling has always been a hard one for me, as most places in order to travel you need time, and money. I know this is not the case everywhere, but the places and things I want to do and go, this is what you need.
I have been extremely lucky to have been to the places I have, at only 24. I’ve got a whole lifetime in front of me to be able to visit different places. In my life-time so far I have visited places like, Florida Disney World, Thailand, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Gran Caneria, Disneyland Paris, New York, Tenerife, Italy, Spain and more!

I would definitely love to be able to visit more places in my life, and even return back to some I have already been too as I just enjoyed it so much. It’s hard saving for a big holiday, especially now that we have a mortgage, bills and cars to run! But it’s totally worth the wait, and of course sacrifices are made in order to save more. But I say, if you want it, you can get it.
So here is a little list I put together of some places I would love to visit in the next 5 years.

Florida, Orlando, DisneyWorld.

I’m sure you would have guessed this destination was on the list, especially if you saw my last post about my vision board! I was very lucky, and I am so grateful that when I was younger, my parents were able to take me to Florida, twice! The first time I think I was about 5, and the second I was about 10 I think. I remember bits here and there, and obviously it was so magical to me as a kid. I just remember feeling like I was in a dream world. I would love to go back, with just me and Ryan, before anything else major happens in our life. I want to visit as adults to take it in, really appreciate it and enjoy all the eating places, the big rides (I remember having a tantrum as I wasn’t allowed on the Hulk ride as I was too small!). Also since I have been there, so many new and amazing attractions have been built, like Harry Potter World and Toy Story Land. Florida is definitely at the top of our destination list, and we are trying all our best to make this happen.


For ages Iceland wasn’t really a place that I wanted to visit, until recently. I have kind of gone off just going on a summer hot holiday for the sake of it. I’m not a sun worshiper, and my mindset has changed that I would rather go on a holiday that I will remember more, and is a little more different. So Iceland, now I would love to visit! I have a friend that went, she saw the Northern Lights and stayed in a log cabin, she had the best time and it looked absolutely beautiful! I would love to do something like that.

New York.

Again? Yes again. My mum and I went to New York about 5 years ago now. We went at the beginning of January, it was freezing, and actually just after we came home was when they had the snowy hurricane, if you remember the really bad weather they had then! I loved New York, I was in my element. We did all the big things on our list, ticked them off one by one. The only downer that happened was that we were both ill, and I mean quite violently ill so a day of exploring New York was spent in the bathroom in the hotel. I would absolutely love to go back in the Autumn when the weather is nicer, do some of the things we didn’t get to do, as there is so much to do you can’t fit it all in! I really think Ryan would love it there too. 

Canada (Banff)

I have always fancied Canada, but I never really knew where the best place to visit would be. I loved the look of the snowy forests, waterfalls and the nature there. It wasn’t until recently, I was watching Alex Centomo’s vlog of her trip to Banff, that I knew that was the place I wanted to visit. It’s looked absolutely breathtaking. I would love to just go on long walks in the snow, stay in log cabin, sit by the fire and of course walk with the wolves. I’m not sure if this trip would happen anytime soon, but I hope it does one day.

Treehouse Holiday (UK)

I have always wanted to stay in a tree house! I don’t know why, but it’s always been something I have wanted to do. But I don’t mean a tree house that feels like it might fall down at any moment, I mean one of those luxury tree houses. The ones with log fires, hot tubs, beams, and a lovely view of the woods. There are a few of these in the UK that are available, but they are just pretty pricey. But again, hopefully one day it will happen and I get to stay in a luxury tree house. 


I love Rome. I actually went to Rome a few times as a child with my parents as we had family friends who lived out there, so we would often stay with them, But now I am older, again, I want to appreciate it more. I love the Roman architecture and have always been interested in the Colosseum! Ryan has never been to Rome, so again I would love to go with him as he loves city breaks and think he would really enjoy it. You also can’t go wrong with Italian food! Pizza, pasta, and not forgetting their ice-cream, yum!

I really hope that I am able to visit these places in the next 5 years of my life, but hey I might add a few destinations to the list and end up going somewhere else! Who knows, watch this space.