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URBAN DECAY | All Nighter Liquid Foundation | My Expectations and Thoughts

I know I know, I am so late to the party!

Urban Decay released their All Nighter Foundation a good couple of years ago now, and ever since I saw it be released I knew I wanted it. At this time I was still making my way through the Nars Sheerglow foundation – which by the way is fantastic! I think I underestimated how long it would take me to get through my Nars foundation, a good ol’ while! (so deffo worth the money!) When I finally got round to finishing the bottle, I then just kept putting off buying the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation, for reasons I just cant explain. I’m sure in my head I was thinking ‘oh it’s quite a lot of money, and what if I don’t like it, it would be a massive waste, i’ll wait…‘ And I never ended up buying it, even after seeing review after review of how amazing it was. Until the other day…Christmas came and went, and I had a little pocket money from some money that fell out of one of my Christmas cards, so that was it, I decided to finally buy the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation.

First of all, can we talk about the packaging? I was honestly so confused when I went into Debenhams, and headed over to the Urban Decay stand as I was looking at the foundations and thought ‘It’s not here.’ I psyched myself up for heading into town and buying this foundation, so to go in-store and not think they had it in, I was about to feel super disappointed (over a foundation, I know). But I asked the woman who worked there if they had it and she pointed me straight to it, right in front of my eyes. Its because the testers aren’t in the pretty packaging the bottle actually comes in when you buy it, so silly me for not actually reading the descriptions of the products, I was just looking for the pretty packaging.
So yes, pretty packaging! I knew what it would look like from all the reviews I had read over the past couple of years, but it felt even more pretty and high quality when I had it in my hand. Such unique packaging but you can definitely tell it’s an Urban Decay design, I have never seen another foundation packaged like it.

So the foundation itself is £29.99. Quite pricey when you just read the price. But I was willing to pay! It also is a massive  help to me that Urban Decay are 100% vegan and cruelty free, so straight away I am willing to pay extra if need be to know that there was no animal cruelty involved with making this product, which will be put all over my face.

With this foundation, there are 24 different shades, so definitely a shade for everyone! I got tested in store to see which shade I would be, I didn’t want to turn back time and have a orange face and drastic foundation lines around my neck, that was not a pretty look from younger Gemma! I am shade 2.0. I think that’s quite pale to be honest, I’ve had different foundations in the past and been the palest shade available! I definitely need a holiday…

So applying the foundation, what’s it like? Urban Decay claim this to be full coverage, and matte finish. I always have red alarm bells when I see a matte finish..it just makes me think i’m going to look like a dried out sponge. But I heard different about this one in reviews so I tried to let the matte finish pass me by.
Yes, the foundation is full coverage, but not cakey. The first time I applied it I was amazed, all my blemishes and scares disappeared, and trust me I have a lot! I finally had a flawless finish! I was so happy with how it looked on my skin. Back to the matte finish…matte finish? Are you sure Urban Decay? I would say more of a satin-matte finish. Matte but without the dryness that nobody likes! This foundation doesn’t make my skin feel dry one bit, and I don’t look like a dried up sponge! I feel it makes you look fresh, ready for the day ahead, like nothing is going to get in your way.

Now the question is, is it durable? YES. I wore this foundation for a solid 12 hours, even more as I wore it on New Years Eve, and I was up waaaay later than I normally am. It didn’t budge, not one bit! It looked fresh even up until the clock struck midnight, and we were into 2019.

I think it is safe to say, I like this foundation. In-fact, I absolutely love it! I wish I had bought it earlier, but I guess you always have those voices in your head questioning every decision you make.
This foundation is definitely my go to, everyday, flawless finish foundation. I am sorry I doubted you Urban Decay, I think I need to try your concealer now!

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