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Aqua Sana at Elveden Forest | What we did for Valentine’s Day

Myself and Ryan don’t normally do much for Valentine’s, most years we have been working and gone for a meal at the weekend in our local town, but this year we decided to go a bit more out there and do something for the day together. We both booked the time off and then started to get planning.

It took a while to make a decision on what we should actually do, until we finally said, let’s do a spa day! We both love a spa day, I actually think Ryan loves them more than me… so the next big decision was where?

We have a couple of spa’s near to where we live but wee wanted to travel a little further out to make it feel a bit more special. I had heard a lot about the Aqua Sana spa in Center Parcs so we went online to have a look, fell in love with the look of it do booked a spa day there.
We went to Aqua Sana at Eleven Forest as this was the closest one to us but was still about an hour away.
If you don’t know, Aqua Sana was actually in the Center Parcs complex. I got really excited as we started to drive up to the entrance as we were surrounded by forest and it was beautiful. I had been to Center Parcs before but I was so young and seeing it again had made me really want to go back! I will have to try and persuade Ryan to go soon…

Before we got there, all we knew that was out spa day was open from 9am until 6pm, and we got lunch included. When we got there, we were told to go straight to the cafe once we were ready and book our time slot for lunch, whilst we did this we also had to pre-order what we wanted, and they then asked if we wanted our welcome drink and pastry now or later? Pastry? Yes please. So before we entered the spa we sat down and had an apple juice and croissant with jam and butter which we didn’t know we were having so that was a nice little surprise!

I really wanted to take pictures of the spa as it was b-e-a-utiful but we were told no electricals in the spa area, which I totally get as it was a quiet area, so I respected that and didn’t take any pictures in there! It will be quite hard for me to try and explain to how gorgeous it was though!

As you walk in, the pool area is in the middle, but the building was built like a big ‘O’, so the pool was in the middle outside, and the ret of the rooms were around the pool, if that makes sense?
The pool is beautiful with jets and seats, it also was decorated with a lot of plants and greenery which was so pretty I cannot tell you! So around the pool were the sauna and steam rooms, there were so many to pick from, we obviously tried them all!
Upstairs was a relaxation area which was just a circle of water beds, swinging beds, sofas etc and it was divine! Me and Ryan actually fell asleep for an hour, which is so not like me! Even in a spa. There was also a little balcony which was in the ‘O’ shape which you could look down to the pool, honestly gorgeous.

The spa itself was so clean and even though it was Valentines Day, so it was busier than normal, it never felt over crowded and we always managed to get a bed, or a seat in one of the sauna/steam rooms.

We were there from about 10.30am until 4pm, and we had lunch at 12.45pm. Lunch was amazing! One of the best lunches I’ve had in a while. Ryan chose to have lasagne and a mixed salad, and I had a bacon, avocado and brie flatbread pizza ‘drool’ and a side of caesar salad. It was so yummy I cannot tell you! The perfect lunch and the service was so amazing and everyone was so helpful.

Overall, I think we had a great day! I would definitely recommend going to an Aqua Sana, whichever one is near you and spend a day at the spa. you get treated amazingly and I promise you, you will have the most relaxing and special day. It’s a great place to go for an occasion or celebration!

Have you been to an Aqua Sana?


  1. 3rd March 2019 / 9:15 am

    Beautiful Gemma! Looked like you had a fab time! 🙂 x

    • Gemma
      8th March 2019 / 10:07 am

      Thank you Lily! It really was amazing xxx

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