Joining the gym for the 5th time!

If you read my hopes and goals for 2019 post, you will know that I want to get fit & healthy, as lets be honest, I feel like a sloth at the moment! After Christmas and New Year, I’ve really pigged out, even before that! I just started to get so lazy and new I had to change this. Sometimes it’s nice being a lazy sloth, but most the time I do want to look and feel good, well try anyway! I want to take care of my body.
So yeah, this may be the 5th time I’ve joined the gym (it actually is!) but this time feels different. Before, I used to go to the gym and just to cardio, I was obsessed with losing weight, and being skinnier. This time round is slightly different as in my mind, I know I want to do more weights. I want to train my legs, my bum, my arms and abs and create muscle. Yes of course i’d like to lose weight first, and hopefully that will come in time. But I just want to feel fitter, healthier and stronger. I have a lot of inspiration and motivation at the moment from Busy Bee Carys. Normally the people on Instagram you follow are super skinny, basically not real right? Well Carys is 100% real. She also makes YouTube videos so go and check them out too! But what I love about Carys is how real she is about her lifestyle, and how she got to where she is now. She loves food, which, I think I can relate too rather well! So anyway, Carys is a massive inspo gal for me at the moment, she has the type of body I would prefer, rather than super skinny minny.

So more about the gym…I have joined the same gym as Ryan, my boyfriend. We did this a good few years back and it worked really well, we would go together but train differently, and motivate each other, and I actually did really well. I then decided to not go anymore and it all just went downhill from there. I then joined two more gyms after that, I went on my own, wasn’t motivated, and one was way too expensive really, and hardly ended up going = waste of money! Previous to these I had been a member of another two gyms, I’ve basically tried them all out!
So going back with Ryan, I am hoping we can work together again with motivating each other. He goes about 4/5 times a week! I’m hoping to go 3/4…3 minimum! I mean I have to make it worth it right?! I actually feel so motivated this time round, I’m not sure why really! It takes a lot for me to get really motivated. But I feel like I want this, and need it this time.

Instead of stepping on the scales, I am going to take pictures, and not step on those scales!! That’s another thing I did before, I would weigh myself like everyday! And get frustrated when I didn’t see any changes and this really unmotivated me. If I take pictures, I will then hopefully be able to see results, see it working and feel proud. I would also just like to feel it in my clothes a little more, have them feel a little looser, that’s always a good feeling!

I also bought myself a couple new items of gym gear to get me in the mood! I would love some Gymshark leggings as I’ve heard so many great things, and Ryan loves Gymshark too, but I want to make sure I want to keep going with it first as they are about £40 a pop! I feel like if you feel good in what you’re wearing, you’ve already got a positive mind set.

We will see, we will see how it goes. At the moment I feel so motivated and cannot wait to get going and really get stuck in. I’m sure I will update you on how I do, whether I decide its not for me or if I am loving it more than ever! So make sure to stick around and see how I get on.

Hey, if the gym thing works out, then maybe I will start incorporating it into my blogging/YouTube world. But I need to get my head round it first and get to grip with it all.

You can watch my YouTube video all about it here.