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My Homemade Iced Caramel Latte’s

As you are probably all aware, I am the biggest iced coffee fan going! I love Costa & Starbucks, I cant pick a favorite and you will most likely find me there every weekend! I do love going to the independent shops too for my iced coffee, but I find quite a lot of them don’t do cold coffee, so I  always end up back at Starbucks or Costa. My usual order is a ‘Iced caramel latte’ but recently I have been asking for it with almond or coconut milk, which does taste slightly different, but it’s still delicious with the benefits of being slightly healthier and better for the world too!

So I soon started to realise that my bank balance was suffering from my coffee trips. I know a coffee is roughly £3 (depending on size!) but spending little and often really does add up, so I decided to try and start making them myself at home, how hard could it be?! Now I don’t do anything special, and it isn’t hard at all but a few of you had asked me how I made them so I thought I would write a short and sweet little blog post about it. After all, I love coffee so am more than happy to write about it!

Ok, so the first thing i’ll do is get everything out that is needed to create my homemade iced caramel latte! So this will include coffee! of course, the main ingredient! This can be any coffee brand, but I tend to use good ol Nestacfe Gold Instant Blend. Nothing fancy here!

So I will take about 2 teaspoons of coffee and put it in the glass I want to use, I like using the mason jar style glasses with handles. I actually got my latest one from Poundland! So if you’re on the hunt for a nice iced coffee glass I definitely would recommend you going to grab one of those. Once the water has boiled, I will then pour this in with the coffee, and will have about 1cm of coffee in the mason jar. Stir until all the coffee has blended, you don’t want any lumpy bits of coffee!

Once this is all stirred in, time to add the milk! So I now buy Alpro Almond Milk purely for my iced caramel lattes, but of course you can use normal milk, or soy, oat, coconut…any milk you prefer, and I will pour this in and fill about 3/4 of the way full.

Once the milk is in, time to grab the syrup! Now I 9 times out of 10 will always use caramel syrup, I just love the taste of it! It makes it so sweet and lovely. But you can of course use other syrups for example I have also used Gingerbread, Vanilla and Hazelnut! All very yummy, and gingerbread is great around Christmas time! (Or for the times when you wish it was Christmas!) I use the brand Monin for my syrup, this is the brand actually used in Starbucks and Costa so I know its the closest I can get to a Costa/Starbucks drink! (can you tell i’m addicted to them?) You can get these in supermarkets, I have got them previously in Sainsburys, and you can also buy different sized bottles too. I will normally add the syrup until the drink is nearly full (I like lots!)

Give it a stir, and time to add ice! I try to add as much ice as I possibly can without it overflowing as I find it does melt quickly, and the colder the better!

Give your drink a stir, and voila! Just add a straw (preferably a re-usable one) And your drink is ready to go!

I know, easy right?!

So now sit back, and enjoy your fresh, homemade iced caramel latte!

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